Pop Culture Horror eBook Bundle - 20 books for $15.

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Pop Culture Horror eBook Bundle - 20 books for $15.

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I'm a huge fan of bundles, and, man, this one is almost as impressive as the "Best Horror" bundle.
Settle down by your lantern’s light and enjoy an intriguing collection on the origins of horror and the creation of chilling books, movies, and TV shows with the brand-new Pop Culture Horror eBook Bundle.

Featuring 20 new-to-Fanatical eBooks across three tiers, you’ll explore behind the scenes of this ever-popular genre, and how directors, writers, and many other of the industry’s pros have approached horror in their own unique way.

In Tier One, lose yourself in A Critical Guide to Horror Film Series, which sheds light on older films such as the Universal and the Hammer series films on Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Mummy - as well as putting more recent series into perspective, such as The Nightmare on Elm Street movies. This exciting read is accompanied by four other eBooks in this tier.

Opt for Tier Two to expand your library with an additional five eBooks. Examine Japanese horror movies and their US counterparts through a lens that highlights cross-cultural exchange and bilateral influence with Japanese Horror Films and their American Remakes; and follow top tips to produce, direct, promote and sell your own chilling horror movie with guidance from award-winning writer, director, and producer Danny Draven with The Filmmaker's Book of the Dead: A Mortal’s Guide to Making Horror Movies.

Why not choose Tier Three and experience all 20 eBooks for yourself. Immerse yourself in an engaging exploration of stories from one of the leading zombie TV, comic, and game franchises with The World of The Walking Dead; take a captivating look at the origins of vampires in myth and history - and the psychological theories which try to explain why they fascinate us - with The Psychology of Vampires; and study man’s relation to monsters as you closely examine the relation to zombie video games with The Playful Undead and Video Games: Critical Analyses of Zombies and Gameplay.

Find these fantastic reads and much more across three tiers in the Pop Culture Horror eBook Bundle. All eBooks included in this bundle are available in EPUB and PDF format.
https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/pop ... ook-bundle
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I'm thinking I might make one to keep in the trunk of the car though. Might be nice to have hot water if I ever have to watch a Matthews compound for 3-4 days hoping to get the drop on Sergio Frenchi. - Neon Bolan

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