ebook deals for 12.01.2023

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Emerging from the grave.
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ebook deals for 12.01.2023

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Standard disclaimers: If you don't see anything below the prices, disable your adblock. Also, if the price is different in the little box than what I posted it as, click it anyway. It might be wrong in that box.

Also, sometimes you may see non-horror books in the mix. I tend to share deals on books that I also buy or find interesting.

Before we get to the books, there are quite a few deals for you comic lovers. First up, Amazon is having a stellar sale on DC graphic novels. Most are $1.99. Click here to check it out!

Hellboy fans are in for a treat. Humble Bundle has a bundle of THIRTY-SIX(!!!) graphic novels for under $20! Click here to pick it up!

Humble Bundle also has a huge bundle for Doctor Who fans! $18 gets you THIRTY-SEVEN items!!

Fans of sci-fi can grab THE JOHN SCALZI COLLECTOIN at Humble Bundle as well. Pick up 22 of his books for under $20! Click here to buy it!

Now, to the books!








Like our reviewers? Here are some books they've written or have a story in:

Horror DNA does see a small percentage of sales from Amazon links clicked on the site.

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