Alice is fucked

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Alice is fucked

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Both the series and the original movie Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. They're both totally fucked.

First did you know that Martin Scorsese made the movie? It was the movie he made between Mean Streets and Taxi Driver. :lol:

Harvey Keitel and Jodie Foster are both in it. But you know what? That's just random facts. I'm not here today to talk about that. What are here to talk about is one of the most underrated child stars of the 70s.

I'm talking about Alfred Lutter III. You might know him better as Ogilvie on bad news bears. He came out as a star in his first TV movie back in 1974. Next thing he knows he's in a Martin Scorsese movie, working with people who were just starting to become stars and others who had been established stars. He totally becomes noticed as Tommy. When they make the series there's no question about it they want him to continue his role because everybody loved him. Alfred totally agreed and said yes I am Tommy forever.

They shot the pilot of Alice and everybody was excited.

But then something happened.

His Agent called and said hey do you want to be in this movie with Walter Matthau? It's about baseball and called The Bad News Bears.

Alfred said hells yeah! Did bicycle peel outs in Linda Lavin's driveway, and said fuck TV, I'm a goddammed movie star, and quit the show so he could go do Ogilvie on Bad News Bears. He was in the sequel too, but none of the rest. He retired from child acting, and began investing his acting money as he went through school and a normal life. Today Ogilvie is the CEO of and founder of some big ass tech company for Banks. He's an internet billionaire who is not going to space.

This is just one of the many reasons why Alice and all of its incarnations is fucked.

Here's a bonus.

Now, the movie Alice was not a comedy. It was not as hardcore as a Mean Streets or taxi driver, but it was a fairly realistic drama. Nobody in this movie is likable or charming really. But somehow they decided to make it into a comedy with lovable characters. So the guy who developed Alice as a TV sitcom... also developed another TV sitcom a couple of years later. That TV show was Taxi. Pretty sure he ripped off Scorsese and developed Taxi Driver into Taxi. Many of the drivers are amalgamations or caricatures of the people from the movie. There is no Travis Bickle corresponding character, unless you want to take the theory that Travis Bickle actually is Louis Depalma.

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