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Time Enough At Last!

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2023 6:36 pm
by Neon Maniac
MeTV is doing a Halloween schedule change up on the weekends, and last night they marathoned 6 popular Twilight Zone shows. One I'd never seen before, about a monastery that captured Satan. But that's not why we're here.

They did 2 Burgess Meredith episodes which are oddly related. First is where the title of the thread gets its name, where he's the survivor of a nuclear war and can now read all he wants until he breaks his glasses like a dumbass. The second one is a futuristic episode called The Obsolete Man. It's the future and he's a librarian and they're going to kill him because he's no longer needed as libraries are obsolete.

So his two episodes are people who are obsessed with reading. The irony here is, Burgess Meredith was totally illiterate. He couldn't read a book to save his life! All of his scripts were read to him by his blind mother, and he would memorize them that way. It was like this until he died. His mother was the one who was ad libbing the dirty lines from Grump Old Men. She's still alive, too. She's 184.

Believe it, or not!