ebook deals for 12.15.2023

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Emerging from the grave.
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ebook deals for 12.15.2023

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Standard disclaimers: If you don't see anything below the prices, disable your adblock. Also, if the price is different in the little box than what I posted it as, click it anyway. It might be wrong in that box.

Also, sometimes you may see non-horror books in the mix. I tend to share deals on books that I also buy or find interesting.

Before we get to the individual ebook deals, there are some FANTASTIC ebook bundle deals you may want to check out.

First, HumbleBundle is offering the following:

A Hellboy bundle that starts at $1 for six items or 36(!!) items for just $18! Click here to buy it!
A books on film bundle that starts at $1 for four items, or 26 items for $18! Click here!
For you audiobook fans, check out The Cthulhu Casebooks of Sherlock Holmes. Grab three for $1 or the entire collectoin of 14 for $18! Click here!

Over at Fanatical, there are some bundles that may be of interest:

Get a True Crime Stories bundle of severn books for $4.99. Click here!
There's a Halloween Horror Comics bundle, where $1 gets you five digital comics and $13 gets you 34! Click here!
The Witching Hour Bundle is just $1.99 for four products, or $8.99 for 10! Click here!
Last but not least, you can pick up a Horror Artbook bundle that contains five ebooks for just $2.99! Click here!








Like our reviewers? Here are some books they've written or have a story in:

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