"6-13: A Friday the 13th Movie Trivia Book" Book Review

Written by Robert Gold

Published by Samson Publishing Company

Edited by Gene DeRosa
2014, 248 pages, Reference
Book released on April 15th, 2014


For 35 years, fans of the Friday the 13th franchise have religiously watched the films on the titular calendar holiday, lined up outside movie theatres for the next installment, and hoped for a 13th film in the series. There have been countless merchandising opportunities, special screenings of assorted sequels and tons of convention appearances from members of the cast and crew. You can find books and online videos dedicated to interviewing these people as well as location tours of where the films were shot. Peter Bracke's Crystal Lake Memories is the Bible of the franchise, and there are always more books, films and events coming.

With all this stuff out there, the question becomes “What exactly do the fans really know?” Gene DeRosa has thought long and hard about this and has assembled a collection of trivia questions that will test your knowledge with 6-13: A Friday the 13th Movie Trivia Book. The questions range in difficulty from obvious to super-obscure. The book features an introduction by Ari Lehman, the actor/ musician who first played young Jason Voorhees in the original film in 1980. Lehman's enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and he has quite a bit to say on the matter. Readers will want to pay attention, as some of the information will prove useful in the later chapters.

Questions are either straightforward or multiple choice, with the answers provided in the back section of the book. There are also some sections that ask you to match the items from column A to the corresponding item in column B. The initial round of trivia is broken down by film in chronological order, but there is also the inclusion of thematic elements where you match the designated item with the appropriate entry (e.g., In which film does Jason first electrocute someone?). In addition to trivia, DeRosa provides an impressive timeline of the events of the franchise by cross referencing dates that appear on screen or time shifts that are mentioned within the series with an actual calendar, and the results are interesting. Also on hand is a Kill Index, a thorough master list of all the victims, detailing how they were killed and by whom in each film.

Although 6-13: A Friday the 13th Movie Trivia Book is well-designed, I have a few nitpicks in the presentation. While the majority of the content feels like genuine trivia, sometimes there are ridiculously obscure questions that one can argue are the product of the author watching the franchise with generous use of the pause button while taking notes (e.g., “At what intersection do the kids board the subway in Friday the 13th Part 8?”). I am paraphrasing the question, but you get the idea. Super-fans will definitely want to pick this up, but be warned that your knowledge of the franchise needs to extend to nicknames of props created by the effects teams and a lot of inside info that can be culled from Bracke's book. I had a friend read me questions when the book arrived for review and I did fairly well, but realized my own Friday familiarity dips significantly after the first eight films. Check it out and break it out the next time you have people over to watch the Voorhees family do their thing.


Overall: Grade Cover
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