"Black Goat Blues: Book Two of the Mythos War" Book Review

Written by Jennifer Turner

Published by Tor Books

Written by Levi Black
2017, 288 pages, Fiction
Released on November 17th, 2017


I am reviewing Black Goat Blues: Book Two of the Mythos War; this novel is what is known as a Lovecraftian tale. Usually this where I admit that I have never read H.P. Lovecraft and thus might not catch the subtle nuances that someone who has read him will. However, I recently found a collection of Lovecraft’s work for free on Amazon. I still haven’t read it yet; it’s called baby steps, dang it.

We reunite with the series protagonist, Charlie, who is on a quest to hunt down the elusive Man in Black, who has cursed her with powers that she is still learning to control.

All kidding aside, I really like this book more than its predecessor, Red Right Hand. Partially because I am familiar with the series and I have an almost sadomasochistic desire to see things to the end. That’s why I have seen every god-awful Hellraiser and Children of the Corn sequel that’s ever limped into existence. I may need therapy.

What makes this book better is the introduction of an exciting, new character and the toning down of a previously introduced one. The newcomer is Javi, who breathes some life into the storyline. He’s funny, resilient, and just seems to fit into the story as if he’s always been there.

The toned down character is the love goddess Ashtoreth, who also just makes the story better. In the previous book she is described very grotesquely and I admit that it bothered me a bit. I guess that’s a compliment to the author, but not a pleasant mental image for me. I’m embarrassed to say that I skimmed the pages she showed up in to minimize the discomfort. By toning down the grossness of her character, I was able to deeply absorb the story.

This book has some beautifully detailed descriptions that makes the reader feel like they’re truly in the story. I could not put it down, and even carted it to the gym one day where it successfully distracted me from suffering on the treadmill.

Black Goat Blues has an exciting and unpredictable climax that left me disappointed that there wasn’t more to read. I can only hope the final book in the Mythos War is just as exciting because I am completely hooked. Until then I might actually read some Lovecraft and educate myself.


Overall: 4 Star Rating Cover
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Jennifer Turner
Staff Reviewer
Jennifer's love of horror began when she was five and her father let her watch A Nightmare on Elm Street. She is an avid bookworm and part time misanthrope who sometimes wonders if an apocalypse wouldn't be all that bad.
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