"Chasing Ghosts, Texas Style: On the Road with Everyday Paranormal" Book Review

Written by James Ferguson

Published by Thomas Dunne Books

Written by Brad and Barry Klinge with Kathy Passero
2011, 256 Pages, Non-Fiction
Book released on September 27th, 2011


There seem to be dozens of ghost hunting shows on TV now.  To be completely honest, I've never watched any of them.  That being said, Ghostbusters is one of my favorite movies of all time so anything to do with hunting down the supernatural will peak my interest.  This is the case with Chasing Ghosts, Texas Style: On the Road with Everyday Paranormal.  Written by the stars of Discover Channel's Ghost Lab, brothers Brand and Barry Klinge, the book gives a deep background into why they do what they do and how they got to where they are today.

Chasing Ghosts, Texas Style looks like it was mostly dictated by the brothers, trading off between passages.  They each share their experiences but in a very casual way.  This isn't rigid prose.  Everything is very conversational.  This both helps and hurts the book.  Having no personal interest in Ghost Lab, the authors had to work harder for me to care about what they were discussing.  Unfortunately, they don't always deliver.

Most of the passages go into detail about their first paranormal experiences.  They then talk about what they would do differently now that they have the funding from a major cable network behind them that enables them to afford all kinds of fancy technology.  As the book continues, they dive into the beginnings of Everyday Paranormal and where things go from there.

The writing itself gets a little boring as you get deeper into Chasing Ghosts, Texas Style.  Each of the brothers are really just recounting events from their lives like they would if you were sitting next to them at a bar.  These aren't stories that you'd expect from professional authors, so they don't build up to climaxes.  They just kind of happen.

Admittedly, my opinions of Chasing Ghosts, Texas Style could be completely different if I was a fan of Ghost Lab.  As a complete outsider, I'm depending on Brad and Barry Klinge to make me interested enough in their work to want to watch their show.  In that regard, they failed.  If you're a die hard fan of their show, then this book is probably perfect for you.  If you're a casual fan of ghost hunting, this would not be the best fit.  Maybe you should just watch Ghostbusters again.



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James Ferguson
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