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"Ghost Towns of New Jersey: A Tour of Our Forgotten Places" Book Review

Written by John Colianni

Published by Schiffer Publishing

Ghost Towns Of New Jersey Timothy Regan Poster

Written by Timothy Regan
2017, 112 pages, Non-Fiction
Released on July 28, 2017


Some people have the fortune to grow up on the beach or somewhere tropical where the sun is always shining and everyone is pleasant and carefree. Others like myself were born in a more chaotic, cynical land where traffic is never-ending, profanities are expected and defense of the motherland is as engrained as a disdain for it. I am of course talking about the great state of New Jersey. While all many may ever experience about our culture is from MTV's Jersey Shore, the wasteland that is the Turnpike or an urban legend about a devilish creature that haunts the Pine Barrens, there are redeeming qualities to the Garden State. Aside from our beautiful beaches and mountainous countrysides, hidden away and once thought forgotten are places that helped form the state. Ghost Towns of New Jersey: A Tour of Our Forgotten Places is a unique look at abandoned towns, farmsteads and homes that we owe our history to.

What makes Ghost Towns of New Jersey stand out from the usual tour guide book is the level of detail Timothy Regan put into piecing all of this history. How each town is researched and presented never becomes stifling, the way so many collections of information can be. Accompanying the in-depth rise and fall of each town are photographs and maps that truly give a new appreciation and understanding of the importance certain landmarks meant to the creation of New Jersey as well as a budding America during the Revolutionary War. These towns, that once flourished as epicenters for industry and immigration, have been preserved to give those willing to look a chance to learn from history and have a better perspective to how life once was and to never forget the foundation on which we've built.

Timothy Regan shares his clear passion for New Jersey within the pages of Ghost Towns of New Jersey. What New Jersey gets the most flack for is being overpopulated, congested and too fast paced when compared to much of the rest of America. What this book grants is more than just a stroll down memory lane. It provides context to how life once was and how others can still visit these places with a new found respect and appreciation for their preservation. No matter where you're located in New Jersey, this is proof that you're closer to the past than you ever imagined.


Overall: 4.5 Star Rating Cover
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About The Author
John Colianni
Staff Reviewer - USA
Blogger, podcaster, stand up comedian, opinionated asshole, lover of double bass, left-wing liberal and crusher of the dreams of children. When he isn't pointing and laughing at the shortcomings of your offspring, Jersey John partakes in the finer things life has to offer: bacon cheeseburgers, online gaming and watching as cannibal zombies eat your family in slow motion. On repeat. In 3D.
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