"Gravity Comics Massacre" Book Review

Written by Gabino Iglesias

Published by Bizarro Pulp Press

Written by Vincenzo Bilof
2013, 132 pages, Fiction
Released on July 5th, 2013


You know that wonderful sense of uncertainty some narratives can cause? I'm talking about the moment you realize you're not entirely sure of whether the words you're reading or what you're seeing on the screen is real, a dream, or something in between. Well, that's exactly what Vincenzo Bilof accomplishes in Gravity Comics Massacre. A bit lost? Yes, you will definitely be a bit lost, but also really entertained and curious about what's happening and how the story got there.

Damien is a weirdo who owns and runs a comic book store. He's also a bit of an artist, but not a regular one. He likes to draw with a magic pen that came as gift from the aliens. This could be a fantastic opportunity to explore his artistic talents, but Damien happens to like murder as much as he likes comics, and with the help of his pen, there's not much chance of anyone stopping him from killing. A massacre ensures. When a group of misfits hears about Damien's doings, they decided to go looking for the abandoned comic book store. What happens to them is one of the wildest, weirdest, most violent nightmares anyone could imagine.

When bizarro and horror meet, both genres, along with readers, win. Bilof might not be right in the head, but Gravity Comics Massacre shows that he knows what he's doing. The plot is paranoid and surreal, but things like the names/introductions of each chapter show that every bit of craziness was carefully plotted. This book is uncanny and you immediately know it, and Bilof lets you know he knows that you know. See? I told you it was complicated.

Although everything I've said makes this sound more like a bizarro narrative than a horror one, there's plenty of creepiness here. From murder and a campy scary film aesthetic to good doses of fear and the skin of corpses used to cover windows, fans of scary strangeness and gore will also find Gravity Comics Massacre a satisfying read.

There might be real puppies in there. Maybe the aliens made it all happen. It could also be that Damien is dreaming all of it and we're just watching his dreams. In any case, Gravity Comics Massacre is the kind of book that needs to be read with no preconceived notions and chunk of time free of plans (yeah, you'll probably end up devouring it in a single sitting). If you're tired of formulaic horror, give this one a chance.


Overall: fourstars Cover
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