"Grimm: Below the Surface - The Insider's Guide to the Show" Book Review

Written by Michel Sabourin

Published by Titan Books

Written by Titan Books
2014, 176 pages, Reference
Released on March 11, 2014


Grimm: Below the Surface - The Insider's Guide to the Show is a fan treasure trove of tidbits, lore and a backstage view of the creation, production and background of the popular NBC series. It is just chock-a-block with trivia and almost everything you could possibly need to know about the first two seasons, including in-depth character and actor bios, a few isolated encyclopedic entries on some of the more common Wesen, and an episode-by-episode plot summary.

This is obviously not for casual fans, but die-hard Grimm fans will love having this guide in their collection. It's not as comprehensive a Wesen guide as Grimm - Aunt Marie's Book of Lore (also from Titan Books) but more of a general guide to the show at large, and more specifically what goes into making a show like Grimm a reality. Aside from fans of the show, people interested in the inner workings of making television can get a glimpse at what goes on behind the curtains.

The book features articles and interviews with the show creators, writers, cast members and even a look at the special effects team behind some of the really cool effects done on the show. It's a nice coffee table-type book to leave around and pick up for a few minutes here and there, because the book is broken down into easily digested sections. And while I don't think there's anything here that will blow your mind, it's nice insight into a show I'm a fan of and the people who put so much work into it. There really isn't an aspect of the show's creation and continued operation that isn't touched on in some part by the end. Even Hair and Make-Up, Costuming and Prop Design get features written about what they do. These are the kind of functions not normally given their due in correlation to how big a role they play in the production. If the show doesn't look or feel realistic, no matter how fantastical, it just won't work. So kudos to the production team of Grimm, because no matter how fairy-tale the subject matter is, they have found a way to ground it in a real world reality and make it believable in the context of the show. It could easily go down a silly or head-shakingly goofy route, but they keep it on a level keel and it works, and so does Below the Surface. It's just the right mix of inside-the-show features and a look at the inner workings of show production life.


Overall: fourstars Cover
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