"Infinity House" Book Review

Written by Gabino Iglesias

Published by Gallows Press

Written by Shane McKenzie
2012, 140 pages, Fiction
Released on March 27th, 2012


Breathtaking speed, concise prose, a sinister old man who wants to play with you forever and some classic horror elements combined in marvelous new ways: welcome to Infinity House, Shane McKenzie's superb gore fest. This is horror for genre fans with a strong stomach.

Infinity House tells the story of Mike and his brother. Back when their mom was alive and their grandmother was not a coughing, mumbling sack of bones, both women warned Mike about going to the old house, a place where pure evil was said to live. However, when a drug deal goes bad and a man with a shotgun walks away with everything Mike had been able to stash away for a better future, his younger brother, James, shows up with some money he found at the old residence. With no other options available, the two brothers are forced to go to the one place everyone they know has told them not to go. In the middle of the night, the siblings sneak into the abandoned abode and quickly find reasons to stick around a while longer. Their decision backfires and they soon learn that all the atrocities they've heard pale in comparison to what lives inside the decrepit building. Stuck in a place where dead children play, an old pervert wants to trap them forever and maggots are everywhere, Mike will learn that evil doesn't begin to describe what he'll have to face inside the dark hallways of an impossible house.

The first thing that's very enjoyable about Infinity House is the fact that McKenzie is obviously having fun taking the reader on a dark, gruesome trip. The novel goes from a knock on the door to a bloody nose and the promise of death in about one page. From then on, fear and maggots take over and the horror keeps getting better and better. And when I say maggots, I mean maggots. The tiny white crawlers, along with millions of flies, are not only there for shock; the critters are ever-present forces that eventually become characters that are integral to the nightmare that is the house. Also, the maggots get combined with a classic horror element, creepy dead children, in a way that will give readers more than a few nightmares.

McKenzie knows how to build incredibly messed up places and give his scenes an undeniable touch of nastiness. He also possesses a unique voice that makes his work easy to read and very entertaining. Infinity House moves fast and the wickedness and tension are almost palpable in every page. When you add to that some weird elements like walls of putrid meat, an ever-rising tide of maggots, Mike destroying the faces of a few dead children as they giggle and attacking flies, what you get is a very entertaining book with enough fetid fluids, worms and disturbing situations to keep us gore-hounds more than satisfied.

If you're not familiar with McKenzie's work, I strongly suggest you make this your introduction. If you like the kind of book that makes you feel like you need to wash your hands after reading it, prepare the soap, take a deep breath and grab a copy of Infinity House today.



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