"Jason Dark - Ghost Hunter: Volume 1: Demon's Night" Book Review

Written by James Ferguson

Released by Thunder Peak Publishing

Written by Guido Henkel
2009, 62 Pages, Fiction
Book released on December 16th, 2009


You know what was keeping Sherlock Holmes from being really cool?  Fighting the supernatural.  Fortunately, Guido Henkel has got that covered with Jason Dark - Ghost Hunter.  Henkel has created a detective that would take over for Holmes when things got a little weird.

Demon's Night is the first of the Jason Dark series.  It picks up with the main character as an already established full-time ghost hunter.  A demon is making its way through London, killing dock-workers in search of something.  Dark is on the case.  He quickly figures out what he's dealing with and takes steps to confront the demon.  Along the way he saves a Chinese girl named Siu Lin and the two form a partnership based on the mutual acknowledgment of the existence of the supernatural.

This is a quick read clocking in at just 62 pages.  It is a pulp novel in the truest sense of the word.  The covers are flimsy and the book is something you can easily fold up and put in your back pocket.  This all works for Demon's Night.  I've read too many books where the basic idea is great, but the author tries to make it bigger than it is by writing on and on.  Henkel fits the story into an easily accessible short novel and there is virtually no fat.

I found very little to complain about with Demon's Night.  There are a handful of switched words, things that a spellchecker wouldn't catch.  These are minor, but noticeable, and include stuff like using "he" instead of "him."  There are also a few ads in the book.  Ads are par for the course in comics, but they're foreign to me in the print space.  I guess it makes sense in that it can help bring the printing cost down, but I don't agree with it.

Demon's Night is easily recommended for anyone looking for a quick horror book.  If all the tales are written in this manner, I hope that it eventually gets turned into a TV show.  This is something that would be easily translated into a weekly hour long show.  Henkel has basically already written the scripts, too.  I'm looking forward to the further adventures of Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter.



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James Ferguson
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