"Jason Dark - Ghost Hunter: Volume 2: Theater of Vampires" Book Review

Written by James Ferguson

Published by Thunder Peak Publishing

Written by Guido Henkel
2010, 62 pages, Fiction
Released in January 2010


The adventures of Jason Dark continue in Volume 2: Theater of Vampires.  When Dark is visited by longtime friend and fellow ghost hunter, Max, he's quick to catch up on old times.  The pair take in a show depicting the life of a vampire king, living through centuries and tearing his way through any humans in his path.  The actors are actual vampires, though, and the climax of each production features the transformation of a human into a creature of the night.  Dark is not fooled by this charade and sets out to put a stop to this bloodbath once and for all.

Author Guido Henkel is clearly having fun with his character, weaving him into existing stories.  In this volume, Dark meets Dr. James Watson who is very interested in having Dark settle a bet between him and a colleague regarding the supernatural.  There's also a tie-in to another popular piece of vampire lore at the end of the story.  This type of thing can be very cheesy if handled incorrectly, but Henkel does a good job of dropping these little cameos in without distracting too much from the overall story.

The minor issues I had with the first volume, such as the ads within the book, return here, but they're joined with a major pet peeve of mine: poor editing.  There are numerous mistakes throughout the book.  I'm not talking about misspellings, but rather words that are written correctly, but wrong in context such as using "him" instead of "he."  Other times words are missing, creating a sentence that doesn't make any sense.  The most glaring mistake comes early on in the book where Henkel uses a footnote to explain to confused first-time readers that the topic being discussed can be found in the previous volume, Demon's Night.  Unfortunately, Henkel calls it "Demon's Knight."  It's one thing to have a mistake like that, but to have it when you wrote the book is just ridiculous.

Theater of Vampires is fast-paced and doesn't waste any time.  As with the first volume, this would make an excellent hour-long TV program.  Jason Dark is an interesting character, but the brief story seems to force him into a nearly impervious character.  His theories are always right and his attacks always strike home.

This volume of Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter picks up right where the last one left off, creating a serialized story.  However, it's a book that is easily accessible though even if you haven't read the previous one.  Jason Dark is a quick read that's still a lot of fun.



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