"Of Lone Headstones: Book 1" Book Review

Written by Jennifer Turner

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Written by Jorge Bocanegra
2015, 44 pages, Fiction
Released on January 12th, 2015


I am going to start this review out by sounding like a total hypocrite. The last book I reviewed, I praised it for getting right into it and not wasting time with backstories and minute details. But reading Of Lone Headstones convinces me that sometimes, a little bit of backstory can go a long way.

I have to admit I am none too familiar with novelettes, when it comes to literature I'm a size queen. I actually feel almost insulted when a book is under 300 pages, and I am convinced that I'll finish it in seconds and spend the rest of my commute utterly bereft.

The plot centers around a man named Joel who finds himself in the middle of a zombie outbreak. His only goals are to get to his emotionally estranged wife, Alex, and hopefully survive. As this book is only 44 pages long, I understand the need to move fast, but I just couldn't emotionally invest in the characters. How could I care about Alex and Joe when I barely knew them? Some morsels about their lives prior to the story are given, but I found myself still hungry for more. Characters are thrown in only to be dispatched a page or two later.

Jorge Bocanegra has an interesting, dark and melancholy writing style that I really appreciate. While I had no love for the characters, his description of the zombie world around them is attention getting. I felt like I too was wandering around that deadly abandoned high school, trying to survive. It's this kind of writing that makes you want to leave the lights on at bedtime, just in case those fictional zombies stagger into reality.

Of Lone Headstones is apparently book one in a series, and despite my disappointment with the length and characters, I would read the other additions to come. Hopefully they'll just be a little longer to satisy this literary size queen.


Overall: 2.5 Star Rating Cover
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