"Outbreak: The Hunger" Book Review

Written by Jennifer Turner

Published by Severed Press

Written by Scott Shoyer
2015, 206 pages, Fiction
Released on April 19th, 2015


I never thought I'd be writing for Horror DNA again, but incriminating photos are awesome that way. I had feared that my first assignment would be something completely dull that I would have to plod through and later eviscerate. I'm happy to report that Scott Shoyer's Outbreak: The Hunger is is a very exciting read from start to finish.

The book takes place in Texas, where a bunch of infected animals are mistakenly freed from a lab. The vicious menagerie eventually invade a zoo and begin killing all inside. All that's left are a small band of survivors who have to fight their way to safety before they too become zombie chow. The whole plot has the feel of Outbreak meets The Walking Dead, and definitely differentiates itself from the normal zombie fare.

As I said before this book is exciting; I am such an avid reader that I often read for the sake of reading and get sucked into the author's world. You can't help leaving reality behind as you dive in. Everything goes at a breathtaking pace. You are introduced to characters who killed a mere two or three pages later. You feel like you're in the story hurtling foward with no idea if you are even going to make it out. I spent the last 25% of the book glued to my seat praying that the main characters would make out alive.

What I like about Shoyer is that he doesn't waste your time. I read a zombie story and I want action and carnage. Don't try to personalize characters when you know the majority of them aren't going to be around too long. Shoyer's writing is intense and violent, the way books of this genre should be.  The intensity and graphic descriptions of the deaths are harsh, but add to the desolate "what the fuck" atmosphere of the story.

I am hoping for a sequel, as there are a couple of major loose ends that need tying up. And frankly, I am looking forward to Shoyer's future work; this guy has a great way of grabbing you by the eyeballs and keeping you captive to the story.

I should warn future readers that if you are sensitive to animal deaths, you might want to give this one a wide berth. I am one of those weirdos that can read about humans dying with no affect, but get a little weepy when Fido gets it. And I would advise not eating while you're reading it, or ever again. This is a must read for a zombie fan with a cast iron stomach.


Overall: 5 Star Rating Cover
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Jennifer Turner
Staff Reviewer
Jennifer's love of horror began when she was five and her father let her watch A Nightmare on Elm Street. She is an avid bookworm and part time misanthrope who sometimes wonders if an apocalypse wouldn't be all that bad.
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