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The Devil You Know R J Carter Poster Large

Think about what you’re asking for and how you ask for it. Old Scratch is a tricky sumbitch!

Crossroads Laurel Hightower Poster Large

There's not one mention of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony in this review.

Only The Broken Remain Dan Coxon Poster Large

Superbly crafted collection of unsettling and weird tales.

A Savage Breed Patrick C Harrison Iii Poster Large

All sizzle and no steak. A shocking tale without substance.

The Easton Falls Massacre Bigfoots Revenge Cover Large

Write your blurb for front page announcement here.

Video Palace In Search Of The Eyeless Man Maynard Wills Poster Large

Video Palace is Slender Man by a different name, which begs the question: Why?

Wyrd And Other Derelictions Adam L G Nevill Poster Large

Can a planet be a protagonist?

They All Died Screaming Kristopher Triana Poster Large

The world ends with a scream, not a bang.

London Incognita Gary Budden Poster Large

Take a cerebral trip through the underside of London in this classy collection.

Autumn Bleeds Into Winter Jeff Strand Poster Large

This is Jeff Strand's best book to date.

The Perfectly Fine House Stephen Kozeniewski Wile E Young Poster Large

You don't want to ghost this thrilling tale of the afterlife.

Tiny Nightmares Very Short Tales Of Horror Poster Large

Tiny Nightmares: Very Short Stories of Horror is perfect for your horror adjacent tiny attention span.

Eight Cylinders Jason Parent Poster Large

Uninspiring high-speed horror which gets stuck in neutral gear.

Commanche Brett Riley Poster Large

Dull neo-western with a supernatural twist.

What Lurks Beneath Eddie Generous Poster Large

Listen, just because the guy is old and rich doesn’t make it a good idea to break into his house.

Perish L C Barlow Poster Large

The trials of Jake Harper continue in this knockout sequel to Pivot.

Mr Cables Ronald Malfi Poster Large

A book about a guy reading a book about a guy reading a book.

Captain Clives Dreamworld Jon Bassoff Poster Large

Once you arrive at Captain Clive’s Dreamworld you might never leave…

And Blood Did Fall Chad A Clark Poster Large

Q the Winged Serpent meets Jeepers Creepers.

Cannon Film Guide Volume 1 Large

Everything is Awesome!


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