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Southern Fried And Horrified Poster Large

Ronald Kelly’s unique memoir takes us on a personal journey through the deep south, his life in horror and beyond

The Dismembered Jonathan Janz Poster Large

An eerie, gothic throwback to the darkest films of the '70s.

Alexanders Song Paul F Olson Poster Large

Hands down, my favourite book of 2022!

Sundial Catriona Ward Poster Large

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Turn Patrick Barb Poster Large

Where hunger for fame and blood intersect.

Gargantuanas Ghost Patrick Barb Poster Large

A poignant and touching story of outsiders and giant ape ghosts.

Olivia John Hunt Poster Large

John Hunt returns with a loose sequel to his vicious kidnap thriller Doll House.

This Is Where We Talk Things Out Caitlin Marceau Poster Large

An absolute masterpiece of family drama horror.

Lets Play White Chesya Burke Poster Large

I need more from Chesya Burke.

Found An Anthology Of Found Footage Horror Stories Poster Large

Exceptional ‘found footage’ themed eighteen-story anthology.

Bound Feet Kelsea Yu Poster Large

One of the best ghost stories in modern horror.

A Child Alone With Strangers Poster Large

In his debut novel, Philip Fracassi brilliantly mixes crime and horror.

House Of Hunger Alexis Henderson Poster Large

A blood-drenched Gothic thriller.

The Dark Between The Trees Fiona Barnett Poster Large

This striking and highly original debut is so much more than a ‘creature in the woods’ novel…

Feral Matt Serafini Poster Large

Serafini delivers whether the reader is ready for it or not.

Daphne Josh Malerman Poster Large

Chris returns with his take on Josh Malerman's Daphne!

Blood Country The Raven Book Two Jonathan Janz Poster Large

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The Vessel Adam Nevill Poster Large

Things are just going to get worse for a family in crisis.

Little Eve Catriona Ward Poster Large

A castle off the coast of Scotland is a nest egg for horror and intrigue.

When The Night Bells Ring Jo Kaplan Poster Large

Two climate refuges discover dark secrets in an old diary.


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