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Gordon B White Is Creating Weird Horrors Poster Large

A title that delivers on its promises.

Morbidologies John F D Taff Shane D Keene Poster Large

You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll kiss rotting lips goodbye. Horror, fun, and more in new collection Morbidologies.

Edenville Sam Rebelein Poster Large

Horrifying and humorous in equal measure.

They Will Claim That I Was Dead Florian Frerichs Poster Large

A Klaus Kinski obsession and a bizarre odyssey into German cinema and are the strangest of bedfellows

Cold Black And Infinite Todd Keisling Poster Large

A set of dark and fascinating stories.

The Horror At Pleasant Brook Poster Large

Small-town horror with ancient roots.

Red Rabbit Alex Grecian Poster Large

Embark upon a remarkable odyssey across post-Civil War America populated with demons and ghosts in the hunt for a witch.

The Longerst Thirst Roxie Voorhees Poster Large

A bloody fun mix of Carmilla and Once Upon a Time in the West.

Schraders Chord Scott Leeds Poster Large

A love letter to music and the dark places it can lead you to…

The Bonus Room Ben H Winters Poster Large

Bedbugs, real or imaginary, really are your worst nightmare...

Lacunas Point Tim Meyer Poster Large

A terrifying journey to a small town.

The Night Prophets Paul F Olson Poster Large

Evil lurks in the heartbeat of a worldwide mega-church.

Stories Of The Eye Sam Richard Joe Koch Poster Large

A collection of surreal delights explores the perverse perception between artist and model.

A Small Light And Other Stories Poster Large

Fairy tales and film imagery fuse in the sapphic horror of Sara Century's debut collection.

Her Teeth Like Waves Nikki R Leigh Poster Large

Ocean horror with bite.

Mosiac Catherine Mccarthy Poster Large

Decaying reality through stained glass.

Dehiscent Ashley Deng Poster Large

From the start, Deng constructs a book in the vein of weird horror.

The Vein Steph Nelson Poster Large

Goes for the jugular.

Dont Want To Be Your Monster Deke Moulton Poster Large

A Jewish reimagining of vampires.

Dead Ends Marc E Fitch Poster Large

Marc Fitch follows the brilliant Boy in the Box with Dead Ends, a truly terrifying story of escalation and cracks in modern-day America.


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