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If Only A Heart Caleb Stephens Poster Large

A tense and terrifying collection of heart-pounders.

Into The Forest Tales Of The Baba Yaga Poster Large

Fierce, fresh and beautiful.

It Was All A Dream Brandon Applegate Poster Large

A slightly uneven but well-crafted anthology.

Crom Cruach Valkyrie Loughcrewe Poster Large

A darkly fascinating collision of paganism and Christianity marks this creative story.

Curse Of The Reaper Brian Mcauley Poster Large

A brilliant piece of Hollywood horror.

Noose Brennan Lafaro Poster Large

A beautifully brutal tale of revenge.

Ashthorne April Yates Poster Large

A dark, brooding, beautiful gothic story with a sapphic twist.

Wounds To Wishes Chad Lutzke John Boden Robert Ford Poster Large

Three authors, three stories, all connected, all terrific.

Nona The Ninth Tamsyn Muir Poster Large

Heartfelt, grim, and with a touch of Tamsyn Muir’s trademark humor and skill.

The Creeper A M Shine Poster Large

Ireland has its own boogieman and he’s called ‘The Creeper’….

Always The First To Die R J Jacobs Poster Large

A killer prowls a horror film set hit by a massive hurricane.

Full Immersion Gemma Amor Poster Large

Emotional, weighty and unforgettable.

Clown In A Cornfield 2 Frendo Lives Poster Large

Tense, intelligent and a worthy followup.

Shredded A Sports And Fitness Body Horror Anthology Poster Large

Horrific, revolting and utterly absorbing.

We Will Rise Tim Waggoner Poster Large

A chilling blend of cosmic and haunting horror.

The Notch Tom Holland Poster Large

As a deadly pandemic spreads a child healer walks out of the desert

Nightmare Fuel The Science Of Horror Films Nina Nesseth Poster Large

Horror and science make intriguing bedfellows…

Black Mouth Ronald Malfi Poster Large

A well-executed and gripping thriller.

They Drown Our Daughters Katrina Monroe Poster Large

If you can hear the call of the water, it's already far too late.

To The Devil A Cryptid Hunter Shea Poster Large

The king of monsters is back… Meet the Goat Man!


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