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Daphne Josh Malerman Poster Large

Tense, terrifying, heartfelt and exceptional.

Its Alive Julian David Stone Poster Large

How did Boris Karloff end up as the monster in Frankenstein? Read on to find out!

Tell Me Im Worthless Alison Rumfitt Poster Large

Trailblazing horror debut tackling trans issues, shared trauma, hauntings and a bleak vision of Britain.

Burn Down Rise Up Vincent Tirado Poster Large

A dangerous urban legend takes a Bronx teenager on a very dangerous journey to another dimension.

When Things Get Dark Ellen Datlow Poster Large

A dark collection of unique, thought-provoking tales.

Rubberhead Volume 01 Large

A master make-up artist and gifted storyteller looks back at a colorful career.

Identicals William Brennan Knight Poster Large

If offered the opportunity of bringing a loved one back…. JUST SAY NO!

Attack From The 80s Eugene Johnson Poster Large

Go back in time with this totally tubular anthology.

The Sacrifice Of Anton Stacey Poster Large

A brutal and poignant story about the power of family, and the horrors we can’t escape.

The Makers Box David Barclay Poster Large

Emily is given the strangest gift for her sixteenth birthday.

His Own Devices Douglas Wynne Poster Large

A young boy finds a way to generate his own reality…sponsored by Minecraft.

Spontaneous Human Combustion Richard Thomas Poster Large

Spontaneous Human Combustion is a collection of stories that radiates the depth of the human condition, told with a master's touch.

Dead Silence S A Barnes Poster Large

The discovery of a long-lost luxury space-liner leads to a world of problems.

Hunger For Death Joshua Marsella Poster Large

Variety is the spice of death, and Joshua Marsella is using a hell of a lot of it here.

Wildwood Tales Of Terror William P Simmons Poster Large

A collection of stories that bring a new quality of shade to the trees.

Devil House John Darnielle Poster Large

A true-crime writer gets lost within the labyrinth of his own narrative.

Mount Fitz Roy Scott Sigler Poster Large

Never read Scott Sigler? I’m jealous… Such horrors lie ahead…

From The Neck Up Aliya Whiteley Poster Large

A dark collection of unique, thought-provoking tales.

Come With Me Ronald Malfi Poster Large

You're going to want to stay through the credits.

The Girl In The Corn Jason Offutt Poster Large

Jason Offutt delivers one of the first great horror novels of 2022.


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