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Lambs Among Wolves Russell James Poster Large

A hard-as-nails grandad exorcist priest kicks demon ass.

The Death Of Jane Lawrence Caitlin Starling Poster Large

Marriage can be full of magic, but not always the good kind when your husband is a post-mortem magician.

Slattery Falls Brennan Lafaro Poster Large

LaFaro gave me all the feels and chills ensuring I would only read this book with the curtains wide open in the daylight…

Shockadelica Jon Obergh Poster Large

Blending music with myth, fiction with reality, Shockadelica provides many courses of terror nutrition.

Theyre Here Jody Smith Poster Large

When a strange group comes to town offering to cover all costs of rebuilding the local hospital, you're going to have a bad time.

The Perfect Place To Die Bryce Moore Poster Large

19th-century-set YA thriller with a serial killer vibe.

The Country Will Bring Us No Peace Poster Large

Stunning and beguiling weird fiction study of grief.

The Art And Making Of The Stand Andy Burns Poster Large

Just go ahead and buy it. Let’s not beat around the bush.

Burner Robert Ford Poster Large

When you play with fire, you get burnt. When you play with Iris, you get a carpet bombing.

Wagon Buddy Steve Stred Poster Large

You’ve never tried Steve Stred? Wagon Buddy is a great place to start!

Army Of The Dead The Making Of The Film Peter Aperlo Poster Large

Is the making-of book for Army of the Dead is as big and splashy as the film itself? Of course it is!

Absolute Unit Nick Kolakowski Poster Large

A wild ride of parasitic horror and humor.

Rubberhead Volume 02 Large

A candid look back at the impressive career of f/x artist Steve Johnson.

Of Men And Monsters Tom Deady Poster Large

Are we not men? We are monsters.

Ride Or Die James Newman Poster Large

Ride or Die takes you on a BFF mission to hell when three teen girls learn that revenge isn’t always best served cold…or at all.

Wormwood Chad Lutzke Time Meyer Poster Large

A shocking coming-of-age tale that seamlessly blends the voice of two of the best horror authors writing today.

Savage Island Brian Moreland Poster Large

A jungle nightmare awaits a group of naive stranded tourists.

Aliens Infiltrator Weston Ochse Poster Large

In space no one can hear you read.

Dial M For Mutants Mat Thorne Poster Large

Sometimes truth is more two-headed than fiction.

Where The Devil Waits Wesley Southard Mark Steensland Poster Large

Why walk when you can die?


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