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In The Shadow Of The Phosphorus Dawn Rob True Poster Large

A wild hallucinogenic horror thriller which brilliantly throws the literary rule book out the window.

Tawdry Tales And Confessions Large

A frequently hilarious tell-all from one of horror's nicest guys.

Paths Best Left Untrodden Kev Harrison Poster Large

Fascinating and wide-ranging debut collection from Kev Harrison

Candy Coated Madness Jeff Strand Poster Large

Candy Coated Madness will surely satisfy your sweet tooth, assuming you like the taste of violence, blood, gore, and laughs.

The Headless Boy Kelli Owen Large

Kids are creepy, but dead kids are creepier.

Smithy Amanda Desiree Poster Large

Communicating with chimpanzees...and the dead.

Malignant Summer Tim Meyer Poster Large

Even an SPF 666 won’t help you from these ultra-violent rays.

A Walk In Darker Wood Poster Large

You may not want to take a walk in this particular wood.

A Dark And Secret Place Jen Williams Poster Large

A family secret leads Heather into a very dangerous trip into the past.

Silvers Hollow Patrick Delaney Poster Large

The cracks soon begin to show in a surreal small-town mystery.

The Queen Of Cicadas V Castro Poster Large

Get ready for a hot cicada summer.

Before He Wakes Mark Allan Gunnells Poster Large

Big Daddy isn’t the ideal father figure, but don’t tell him that...

The Savage Instinct M M Deluca Poster Large

The story of women who refused to be relegated to the shadows.

The Crucifixion Experiments Gord Rollo Poster Large

Priests are gruesomely crucified in fast-paced thriller

Chasing The Boogeyman Richard Chizmar Poster Large

Chasing the Boogeyman from the mighty Richard Chizmar is a spin on the true-crime/horror genre which will knock your socks off.

Shoebox Train Wreck John Mantooth Poster Large

A welcome re-release of John Mantooth’s awesome debut collection

Paradise Club Tim Meyer Poster Large

Paradise Club takes you on an idyllic island getaway and then blows up in your face Tim Meyer-style. Murder, mayhem and margaritas equals a bloody good time.

Anoka Shane Hawk Poster Large

A deeply suspenseful read with a chilling tone that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

Song Of The Sandman J F Dubeau Poster Large

The long-awaited sequel to God in the Shed is finally here!

Whisper Down The Lane Clay Mcleod Chapman Poster Large

Riveting split-narrative of a lie which ruins lives 30 years apart in the days of Satanic Panic.


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