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Bayou Whispers R B Wood Poster Large

Hurricanes, ghost ships, zombies, and other delectable southern engagements in R.B. Wood's newest novel.

The Devils Mistress David Barclay Poster Large

David Barclay’s The Devil’s Mistress is a historical tale about witchcraft and devilry which takes a dark twist. Sometimes the scariest stories are those based on actual events.

The Haunting Of Hathaway House Amy Cross Poster Large

Like the Hotel California, you can check in, but you can never leave.

Later Stephen King Poster Large

Don’t open this sucker until you have the time, or you will be blowing someone off.

Monstre Volume One Poster Large

This needs to be a TV or movie series, stat.

Gone To See The River Man Kristopher Triana Poster Large

Kristopher Triana’s splatterpunk novella, Gone to see the River Man, drags you to depths of depravity, but is filled with such page-turning narrative, it will keep you yearning for more.

Blood Red James A Moore Poster Large

A satisfying, blood-filled treat.

Dead Daughters Tim Meyer Poster Large

Tim Meyer knocks it out of the park again, showing us he is a true chameleon and able to blend genres with ease.

A Life Transparent Todd Keisling Poster Large

Life is so boring, Donovan begins to flicker out of existence.

The Wingspan Of Severed Hands Joanna Koch Poster Large

A beautiful, surreal horror.

The Searching Dead Ramsey Campbell Poster Large

Get politely kicked in the teeth by a master with the boot of cosmic horror!

Anger Is An Acid Michael Clark Poster Large

A thrilling and arduous story filled with anxious uncertainty.

Hunger On The Chisholm Trail Mike Ennenbach Poster Large

A visceral tale of western horror that will leave you with a hankering for more.

Red Station Kenzie Jennings Poster Large

A gut-wrenching story that is emphatically adorned in viscera.

Cruel Summer Wesley Southard Poster Large

Bananarama was right, summer is the cruelest time of all.

Bronsons Loose Again Large

Zig spends some time with an old-school bad ass.

The Migration Helen Marshall Large

A mid-apocalyptic, maybe zombie novel worth your time.

The Night Will Find Us Matthew Lyons Poster Large

This is a fast-paced novel set in one of the creepiest forests, sure to intrigue readers and keep those pages turning.

Belle Vue C S Alleyne Poster Large

Belle Vue has potential, but just misses the mark.

Crota Owl Goingback Large

A pulpy, gore soaked tale with a lot to say.


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