"Slaves to Gravity" Book Review

Written by Jennifer Turner

Published by Silver Shamrock Publishing

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Written by Wesley Southard and Somer Canon
2020, 145 pages, Fiction
Released on August 2nd, 2020


My name is Jennifer and when it comes to books, I’m a self-proclaimed size queen. Nothing gives me more pleasure than finding a book that clocks in at 500-plus pages, it’s like Christmas with my family. And this very thing makes me afraid of any book under 300 pages, there’s just too much opportunity to be sad and disappointed. Just like Christmas with my family.

Slaves to Gravity is the most perfect short story that I never knew I needed. Clocking in at 130 pages, it’s a fully formed tale with action, humor and more character development than I have even seen into my beloved multi-page favorites.

The plot introduces us to Charlie Snyder, who suffers a nasty accident on the job. She awakens sometime later with a serious head wound and paralyzed from the waist down. Here’s where the previously mentioned character development comes into play. There is such an authenticity to our protagonist and her journey into a new life that she didn’t ask for. I’ve never suffered a real serious injury, so I can’t really fathom just how difficult and heartbreaking they are to the people who have. This book makes me understand that and takes the time to let us truly meet our main character and makes the reader develop an appreciation for her. And when we get to the inevitable horror/fantasy portion of the plot, there is more emotional investment in the story.

Why walk when you can when you can fly? Charlie learns that her particular injury has given her the ability of flight. Venturing out into her new normal, she soon meets other people with the same gift and quickly forms a bond with them.

This is where the character development rears its beautiful head again. Her fellow friendly fliers – Sean, Doggo, Franklin, and Tanya – are introduced a little late in the game, but the authors, Wesley Southard and Somer Canon, still take the time to flesh them out without slowing down the narrative.

In fact, one character made me fall in love with them and they have this amazing storyline arc that blew my mind. I can’t really explain this out of fear of spoiling the twist for you, but trust me when you read this, you’ll know.

But with great power comes great responsibility and Charlie’s new-found abilities threaten the existence of another species who are eager to shoot their new foes down. This causes her to have to juggle her normal and not-so-normal dual realities while holding on for dear life.

The ending is action-packed and amazingly visual; seriously you’ll never look at rats in quite the same way. The best part is while Slaves to Gravity sets up a potential sequel, it is still a perfect tale all on its own. Perfectly entertaining and emotionally driven, the book stands on its own without a need to be wrapped up in future installments. This is truly a piece that every horror fan should check out.


Overall: 5 Star Rating Cover
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