"Stripped" Book Review

Written by M.V. Lindon

Published by Post Mortem Press

Written by G. Elmer Munson
2012, 196 pages, Fiction
Published on August 8th, 2012


There are few things more terrifying or disturbing than the loss of freedom, of liberty. It is something that we take for granted as we live our everyday lives; that basic and most important of human rights. It is such a fundamental need that we write it into our most important laws; it is what makes life bearable, the idea that nobody controls your fate; that you are free.

It is inconceivable then in the civilised world that your freedom can suddenly be taken away from you. That within a short space of time, agents unknown to you can suddenly possess you, control you, end you, or worse. It is something that we occasionally read about in the papers, some horrific ordeal, something that belongs to another world, and could never happen to you.

Stripped by G. Elmer Munson is a novel about captivity, torture, betrayal and eventual redemption and revenge. We are taken on a harrowing journey into the degenerate underworld of society, a place where human rights do not exist, and the only laws are those made by your captors. Stripped does not pull any punches, in places it is brutal and disturbing, uncomfortable reading for those faint of heart, yet it must be stressed that these trials are necessary to give weight to the tale's grand finale, which will have you on the edge of your seat.

Our heroine Paula, who is already down on her luck and is only just getting by in life, has her world turned upside down when, through no fault of her own, she is kidnapped. What follows is a journey of pain and suffering, both mental and physical, as Paula's unknown tormentors ask questions to which she has no answers. The plot thickens and twists as we root for our heroine in a way that works well and keeps you guessing.

Paula is eventually taken to Cappy's Joint, a strip club out in the wilderness where she must work until her master is satisfied. This claustrophobic place is so disturbing that you will find yourself reading faster, hoping to escape its cloying confines. It is a male dominated world, where all men are animals only interested in sating their most base needs, and where women are treated as less than human, pieces of meat to be used and then discarded.

In this house of sin, a glimmer of hope forms as an unexpected friendship with a fellow captive gives our heroine the strength to persevere. It is the development of this friendship of souls dammed to hell that also gives the reader strength, as we share their hopes and fears, and will them on to success, and hopefully, freedom.

Munson is a good writer who knows the genre in which he writes. Stripped has decent editing and is well formatted to the e-reader. The story moves at a good relentless pace, maintaining a sense of high tension throughout. The writing is descriptive and atmospheric, with memorable and well-developed characters that you will not soon forget. The action scenes are good; indeed the book plays out like a movie in your head, which is at times exhilarating.

Stripped is a novel about strong women trying to survive in a world where every man is a degenerate with no redeeming features. It is in places an uncomfortable read as it depicts brutal violence towards women, yet in the end it is a good story and well worth your attention if you enjoy this genre. The ending is great. Our heroines have been forged through trials of fire, and you are left wondering what they will do next. Will their tale continue?


Overall: 4 Stars

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