"Supernatural: The Official Companion Season Six" Book Review

Written by A Girl Named Ed

Published by Titan Books

Written by Nicholas Knight with forward by Adam Glass
2011, 159 pages, Non Fiction
Released on September 27th, 2011


Supernatural: The Official Companion Season Six opens with a brief but informative forward by Adam Glass, Supernatural writer and director, that explains how the series, which was supposed to end after season five, managed to continue on into a sixth season.  Before the companion gets down to the business of episode recaps and favorite quotes, author Nicholas Knight gives us a nice summary of season six, starting with Sam in hell and ending with Castiel in turmoil. Interviews with the series writers gives insight into the directions that were taken during this unexpected yet welcomed season.

The bulk of the book is devoted to episode recaps and behind the scenes pictures and stories.  Notations, photos, quotes, and drawings are neatly yet sometimes haphazardly placed which gives some pages a unique 'hunters journal' look.   A brief but thorough summary of each episode is included along with list featured music.  There is a wealth of information regarding story and character development as well as quotes and stories from cast, crew, and guest stars.

Perhaps the most interesting pages are found in the "Character" section, which is filled with bios and background on all the major players from season six.  Sandwiched between the pages of Dean Winchester's bio are sixteen full color pages packed with cast promotional shots and candid pictures.  Do you want to know what the human skin covered Purgatory Manual looks like?  You'll find it here among several other photos of props and featured posters from the series.

Wrapping up the companion is a season six special effects crew section and finally a page titled "11 Signs Something Scarier than the Apocalypse is Coming…  by Dean Winchester".

I am a Supernatural fan, but I was a bit hesitant to delve into a book that summarizes a season of a series that I have already avidly watched.  It seemed like I'd just be watching reruns in book form.  Happily, I was wrong.  I found out quickly that I'd forgotten just as much as I'd remembered about season six.  The selection of featured quotes that are splattered on almost every page reminded me why I still watch the show and some of the candid photos let me know that it's not all work on the Supernatural set.

Supernatural: The Official Companion Season Six is an excellent guide if you're a fan of the show.  It's great for reference, trivia, and behind the scenes information that you never knew you wanted to know.  If you missed season six and use this book as a replacement then you'll be well informed and well spoiled to all the good stuff (but first, go watch the show, jerk!).  This gets a four out of five stars, it would have been five out of five if it came with a real-life Winchester brother, preferably the older, less emo one.



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