"The Angel of Indian Lake" Book Review

Written by Zach Rosenberg

Published by Saga Press

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Written by Stephen Graham Jones
2024, 364 pages, Fiction
Released on March 26th, 2024


Like any good slasher franchise, Stephen Graham Jones has a sequel in mind. In fact, he’s brought us back for the third outing in the "Indian Lake Trilogy" to revisit our favorite final girl for one last hurrah. It’s safe to say Jade Daniels has been through hell, facing everything from serial killers to monstrous urban legends and an abusive father. Now her final tale, The Angel of Indian Lake, delivers her to the heart of her hometown of Proofrock and the legend of the sinister Lake Witch.

From the start, one of the joys of the trilogy has been watching Jade grow. An abused young girl who finds solace in horror films, Jade applies her knowledge to a spate of murders and learns to cope with the horrors surrounding her, but also to rises above them. Jade is now older, wiser, more mature, and ready to take on what Indian Lake has in store for her.

There is a strength to Jones’ writing few writers can match. It’s not merely Jones can construct powerful sentences, but his prose is layered and rich. Every line seems to have a meaning to it, and he delights in using language to weave images that reveal so much about the characters and settings.

But it’s the characters where his writing shines most. Much has been said about Jade Daniels as one of the greatest final girls in modern history. Jade is strong and resilient, but Jones writes her as imperfect and vulnerable. Powerful, but always growing and reconnecting with her Blackfoot heritage. This is fully Jade’s story, and Jones knows her well. By this time, Jade simply wants the film to end and to get on with her life.

There’s an emotional core to The Angel of Indian Lake because Jones understands horror is at its strongest when the reader cares about and loves those involved. After so long with Jade, we care about the people Jade cares about. The horror of the murders grows because he makes Proofrock and the cast feel so real and alive. Jones ramps up the action to a high-octane finish for the sequel, with brutal thrills and a third entry in a trilogy that ensures he leaves nothing out.

It’s a great end to a great trilogy by a modern master, and a reminder why Jade Daniels will forever be the final girl of final girls.


Overall: 4 Star Rating Cover
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Zach Rosenberg
Staff Reviewer
Zach Rosenberg is a fantasy and horror writer living in Florida. He appreciates the ocean, wildlife and his love of literature was constantly nurtured growing up where he practically lived in the libraries, reading every horror and fantasy book he could get his hands on. His print debut short story "The Teeth Of the Deeps" is featured in the fifth short story collection from Dead Sea Press.
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