"The Art of Krampus" Book Review

Written by R.J. MacReady

Published by Insight Editions

The Art of Krampus Book Cover

Written by Michael Mallory
Foreword by Michael Dougherty
2015, 160 pages, Reference
Released on November 24th, 2015

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You've seen the Krampus movie, right? Because getting MIchael Mallory's The Art of Krampus, or even looking through it, before you've seen the film is going to ruin quite a few spoiler moments. So if you haven't seen the flick then go check it out in the theater. It's a good bit of holiday horror fun.

That out of the way, this coffee-table book is a handsome companion to the movie. It starts with a foreword from director Michael Dougherty about some of his earliest Christmas memories to how he decided to finally do a Krampus movie.

What follows is a detailed, comprehensive look at the behind-the-scenes of the movie. From early concept photos right into the production, which was shot primarily in New Zealand, the book doesn't skimp on artwork and photos. If you know anything about Dougherty then you know he's a great artist – check out some of his art from his first flick Trick or Treat to see what I mean – and you can find plenty of his artwork inside.

You'll get tons of production photos, storyboards, and a section on the impressive cast that they assembled for the movie.

As interesting as much of that is, I most enjoyed the special sections dedicated to each of Krampus' minions, including the standout jack-in-the-box "clown". Seeing early designs and how they changed to become the final version has always fascinated me, and you get sketches and concepts for each of the characters, from the gingerbread men to the teddy bear to the dark elves to the cherub, as well as Krampus himself.

If you enjoyed the movie then you'll definitely want to add The Art of Krampus to your coffee table or bookshelf. It's truly an excellent gift for horror and fantasy enthusiasts.

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Overall: 4.5 Star Rating Cover
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