"The Girl Who Couldn't Come Up With An Original Title" Book Review

Written by Jennifer Turner

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Written by The Behrg
2016, 365 pages, Fiction
Released on February 6th, 2016


I first encountered The Behrg in Housebroken, a book that first traumatized me and eventually impressed me. The trauma came from a very graphic canine death scene that almost made me put down my Kindle and call it a day. Luckily, The Behrg is a good writer and a good writer always brings you back. My only hope was that my next experience with him might be a little more Fido friendly.

Three pages and one dog death later, I did not get my wish, but I did get a great novella to read. The Girl Who Couldn't Come Up With an Original Title is about an unnamed writer desperately trying to find the perfect title for her story. The reader is treated to a glance at all the people she has lost and all the suicide attempts she has survived, leaving her a broken and bitter person.

Her need for the perfect title leads her to a strange alternate universe where she begins to learn that death is not the end for her lost loved ones, although it might be the end for her.

I love this story and not just because I have a literary crush on the writer. Like the girl, I too have been a victim of depression and haunted by those same dark thoughts. I suspect The Behrg has as well, and portrays it perfectly. I can sympathize with the character's disappointment with her life and her desperate desire to leave something perfect behind.

The book is like me, short but not sweet, and is worth a look.


Overall: 5 Star Rating Cover
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