"The Government UFO Files: The Conspiracy of Cover-Up" Book Review

Written by Ron Williams

Published by Visible Ink Press


Written by Kevin D. Randle
2014, 354 pages, Reference
Released on May 13th, 2014


When a new book on an old topic gets released, it's met with the hope that there is new information, new research, or new ideas attached to it. With that in mind, I approached The Government UFO Files: The Conspiracy of Cover-Up with trepidation. Anyone who has ever checked the UFO/Conspiracy section of a real bookstore knows there are dozens of new books released every year, year after year. It's a big field and one that's hard to stand out in.

On first glance, The Government UFO Files looked like just another book in that long line up, and glancing at the table of contents, I honestly didn't have high hopes. I figured I'd read this book before. However, as I thumbed through the book photograph after photograph caught my eye. I'm not talking about the computer generated diagrams and artist's renderings that you find in most dime a dozen books. Actual photographs. Some I'd seen before, some I hadn't. And that's where this book grabbed me.

While this book does cover a lot of information that's been gone over before, author Kevin Randle offers an interesting analysis. A retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, he has a unique take on the documents, operations, and intelligence that form the bulk of the evidence on the sightings or incidents.

If you've read more than three general UFO Conspiracy books, or listened to Coast to Coast AM for any length of time, you're already going to be familiar with most of the information here. But, if you like this type of book, this is still going to be worth reading. Between the vintage photos and educated analysis, it's going to provide you a few nights of reading pleasure. If you've never read a book like this before, this will make a nice 'primer' to the whole UFO Conspiracy underground.

The Government UFO Files: The Conspiracy of Cover-Up is a new take on old ideas, and has some great photographs. Definitely recommended.


Overall: 4 Star Rating Cover
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