"The Night Will Find Us" Book Review

Written by Tracy Robinson

Published by Keylight Books

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Written by Matthew Lyons
2020, 336 pages, Fiction
Released on October 20th, 2020


Simon had always liked fire, looked at it like he would an old friend. Maybe that should’ve been her first hint that there was something wrong with him.

A group of teens decide to celebrate the end of their junior year by going on a camping trip; what could go wrong? In this horror/thriller mashup, the answer is plenty. The premise of this book is a favorite and Matthew Lyons certainly knows how to tell a great story. It is entertaining enough that if the author decides to continue the tale, I certainly plan on picking up the next book. It is successful in leaving the reader wanting to see what comes next.

Lyons excels in setting up dread, pacing, and setting. This is a fast-paced novel set in one of the creepiest forests, sure to intrigue readers and keep those pages turning. The forest is suitably terrifying and as the teens arrive and subsequently figure out that they’ve gotten themselves into something they might not get out of, the story really starts digging in.

The boy’s bones bowed and bent, then splintered and split inside his arms and his legs. They popped like bottles breaking underwater, the sharpness of the sound muffled by the red meat wrapped so tightly around them.

When this author gets into body horror, he REALLY nails it. The above section is just one of many that made my bones cringe and caused me to look forward to the next page with diabolical delight. The writing style is so well suited for truly spectacular gross-out moments. Combined with the setting and the pacing, these are the best parts. A few things joined together to really pull me out of this book. I still enjoyed it for the most part and I will recommend it to those who I know will love it, but it just loses steam.

The characters are never fully developed. While the body horror scenes are disturbingly delicious, when put in context of the larger story, I just didn’t care enough to be really invested in what was happening to the characters themselves. It just kind of became another event. For example, one of the boys commits a horrendous crime. It happens pretty early on, so I was suitably invested, but it just fails to move after that. It is rather like watching the action happen, noting that it’s awful and well-written, but failing to really grasp the awfulness. Both the female and male characters just need more in order for my heart to be invested in the story.

Finally, the reveal of the cause of all of the madness and the last quarter or so of the book just really tore me out of the story. It is difficult to say too much here without spoiling the book, but just know that I had a real issue with suspension of disbelief at this point. The end feels choppy; perhaps the author intends for there to be a sequel, but even so, I just felt let down. After a cracking good first half, the rest just crashed down around me.

That said, Lyons really does have a good story here and, as mentioned earlier, I will definitely pick up another of his books. Despite my issues (and they are mine – reading is personal), I definitely recommend that others check this out. There are some reviews out there from trusted friends who truly enjoyed the book from cover to cover. I think fans of Scott Smith’s The Ruins and other stories involving mishaps in the woods will like The Night Will Find Us.


Overall: 3 Star Rating Cover
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