"10th Muse: Revenge of Medusa" Comic Review

Written by James Ferguson

Published by Bluewater Comics

Written by Darren G. Davis and Chad Rebmann
Illustrated by Bobby Breed
2011, 30 Pages
Comic Released on June 29th, 2011


There are hundreds of stories from the myths of Ancient Greece and many of them have been popping up in comics for years. Bluewater takes a different spin on some of them in the one shot 10th Muse: Revenge of Medusa. In this issue, Medusa isn't a snake-haired witch with eyes that can turn men to stone. Instead she's almost like a super villain, hunting down her arch-nemesis, the 10th Muse. She unleashes the spirit of the Minotaur which heads out into the world to latch on to the soul of Mac, an innocent family man.

This presents a great moral quandary. Mac is turned into a fierce Minotaur, but he's still in control of the beast. That will lapse over time and Medusa claims that she can turn him back to normal, but he needs to do something for her first: kill the 10th Muse. A battle ensues between the trio as Mac's son Barney watches on in terror.

Bobby Breed handles the art for the book and he's got a lot of potential, but his pencils definitely need a bit more work. He has the basics covered and the shots of the Minotaur are great, but any up-close shots of people look a rather undefined and amateurish. He really excels at the monster images, though.

This one shot is meant to give us an intro to the world of the 10th Muse as Bluewater is about to launch an ongoing series around the character. There's a lot of great set up, but some of the dialogue is a little sloppy. There are numerous cases of the incorrect uses of "Your / You're" throughout the book which should have been caught in the editing stage. I'm definitely interested enough to check out the series based on this issue.




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