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"Appalachian Apocalypse #1" Comic Review

Written by James Ferguson

Published by Cave Pictures Publishing

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Written by Billy Tucci
Illustrated by Ethan Nicolle
2018, 32 Pages, $3.99
Comic released on January 16th, 2019


We've had zombies in the city, in space, and just about everywhere else, so why not the Civil War? That's where Appalachian Apocalypse starts out as a Confederate soldier named Bill Mills gets his hands on the Staff of Moses and uses it to raise the dead to battle the North, only to be trapped in a cave-in. Years later, a scientist unearths the staff and unknowingly releases the zombie soldiers.

Appalachian Apocalypse hits the ground running with a great opening sequence. You see the desperate military men as they rush headlong into battle with the undead. Artist Ethan Nicolle depicts Mills with a bit of crazed depravity. He's backed into a corner and he's going a little nuts, so he resorts to some desperate measures to win. There's a fair amount of humor in the artwork, particularly with Mills' facial expressions. He's like an insane Colonel Sanders, but way more racist.

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While the concept behind Appalachian Apocalypse seems pretty straightforward, it takes some time to get there. There are some exposition-heavy segments as Neil, the aforementioned scientist explains the origins of the Staff to his fiancée, Anne. This takes away the momentum built up in the first few pages, as the brakes are hit hard for this history lesson. It's needed to explain where the Staff comes from and how it does what it does, but I have to wonder if there was another way to get that information across without bringing everything to a halt.

The comic shifts focus towards the end of the issue, following Anne as she meets with her estranged husband, J.B. Based on where writer Billy Tucci takes this, it seems like he's going to be more of a focus as he's tailor made to fight zombies. The guy is great with a bow and fast on his feet, so I can see him hunting the undead with ease. While Anne is trying to finalize her divorce with him for reasons unknown, you can't help but like him as he's pretty fun to watch. Granted, we're not marrying him, so he could be a total jerk.

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Every time I think there are enough zombie stories out there, I find another with an interesting take. Appalachian Apocalypse is a historical humor horror book which scratches a few itches. There's more than enough to dig into here, or rather, to sink your teeth into.


Story: threeandahalfstars Cover
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Art: threeandahalfstars
Overall: 3.5 Star Rating

About The Author
James Ferguson
Lord of the Funny Books
James has a 2nd grade reading level and, as a result, only reads books with pictures. Horror is his 5th favorite genre right after romantic comedy and just before silent films. No one knows why he's here, but he won't leave.
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