"Bites of Terror" Comic Review

Written by James Ferguson

Published by Quirk Books


Written and illustrated by Cuddles and Rage (aka Liz and Jimmy Reed)
2020, 144 Pages
Graphic novel released on March 24th, 2020


Horror is a very versatile genre, allowing for many different interpretations of it. It can be humorous, kid-friendly, disturbing, and more. Bites of Terror threw me for a loop, as it's the first comedic food horror I've experienced. To be clear, it's not like Thinner, where you can die from eating a cursed cake. This is walking, talking food getting into terrifying situations.

Bites of Terror is fueled by puns. There are just so many of them and they're all food-based. This is fun at first, but can get a little groan-worthy as the book goes on. There are a number of stories included in this anthology, so by the 50th pun, you've...had your fill. This book is best read in smaller doses, picking up one or two stories at a time.

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The anthology is framed by the Cake Creeper, a host telling spooky stories from the past to an unsuspecting cupcake visitor. He's your typical horror host, in line with the Crypt Keeper or Uncle Creepy, but...you know...made of food. He has a charm to him similar to the classics of the horror anthology line and you just know that he's up to something.

Bites of Terror is told not with traditional artwork, but with still photography. This can be very difficult, as it often makes figures look stiff or awkward, but in this case, since we're dealing with food and not real people, it works out. I cannot imagine what creators Cuddles and Rage (aka Liz and Jimmy Reed) went through to position these figures for all the images in the book.

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The puns extend to the world of each story too. For example, an early tale deals with a rampaging strawberry. Instead of handcuffs, he's put in a clear plastic container, like how you'd pick up the fruits at a grocery store.

Bites of Terror presents a number of questions as to how this food-based world works, but you just kind of go with it. Yes, an egg can cut itself in half, and “devil” its insides. Yes, a melon can plant its remains in the garden and have a second chance at life. The premises are weird, humorous, and macabre. It's an interesting mix that would make for a fun conversation piece, however I'm not certain you'd revisit it very often.


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Art: fourstars
Overall: 3 Star Rating

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