"Brimstone #1" Comic Review


Written by James "Spez" Ferguson


Published by Zenescope Entertainment



Written by Michael Lent & Brian McCarthy
Illustrated by Hyunsang Michael Cho
2011, 30 Pages
Comic Book released in May 2011



There's gold in them thar hills.  And demons!  Brimstone takes the whole ancient Indian burial ground thing seriously when a town is cursed by unsettled spirits at the height of the Civil War.  With resources thin, a motley crew of mercenaries head in to see what's up.  The gang is like a western version of Ocean's Eleven.  There's a short Irish lockpick, a Chinese explosives expert, a black muscle man, a ruthless killer and a quick draw gunman.  This group has no idea what they're up against, but they're ready to pump it full of lead.

This first issue of Brimstone hits the ground running.  By the third page, these guys are getting together and they're entering the town by the final one.  This speed loses some of the details, though.  It jumps a bit.  If this were a TV show, some of the panels would be like quick flashbacks.  Picture a crime as depicted in CSI.  

Hyunsang Michael Cho's art is perfect for this project.  It looks painted, but always flowing.  I can't wait to get a clear shot of whatever supernatural beasts are terrorizing the mining camp of Brimstone because the brief glimpses of them that Cho has provided so far are downright frightening.  I don't yet know what they are exactly, but I'm looking forward to finding out.  Each of those previously mentioned flashbacks are done in a slightly different hue to distinguish them from the main storyline.  Cho's background are hazy, but it fits in with the tone of the story.  

Brimstone has all the makings of a great supernatural western.  I just hope that authors Michael Lent and Brian McCarthy can rein in the story just a bit to make it a little more concise.  I'm all for getting to the action, but we need to know a few more details first.  Judging from the covers and synopsis of the second issue, it looks like we're going to get just that.









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