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"Colder: Toss the Bones #1" Comic Review

Written by James Ferguson

Published by Dark Horse Comics

colder toss the bones 1 00

Written by Paul Tobin
Illustrated by Juan Ferreyra
2015, 32 Pages, $3.99
Comic released on September 30th, 2015


Declan and Reece are still recovering from the events of Colder: The Bad Seed.  The incredibly evil and insanely creepy Swivel revealed some dark and violent secrets from Declan's past and cut off his fingers.  Declan is hesitant to verify this information even though Reece wants to find out the truth.  After all, she's living with the guy, so you'd kind of want to know if he really was a “serial killer harvesting fingers that could raise a crop of madness.” Of course, all of this might not matter at all since Nimble Jack is back.

This isn't much of a spoiler, as the guy is on the cover of the issue, and what a cover it is.  Artist Juan Ferreyra is capable of creating some truly terrifying images and that shot is right up there with the best.  It's also a nice parallel to the first issue of the original Colder series, featuring Declan literally pushing his fingers up through his skin and out his eye socket.  It's gruesome and cringeworthy, but it's also so damn eye-catching.

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Nimble Jack is a being of pure chaos.  He feeds on insanity and he's so very hungry.  He bounds between the Hungry World (the version of our reality that crazy people see that looks like a demented M.C. Escher painting) and Boston (not a place for insane people unless you count Red Sox fans...I don't know why I said that.  I don't know anything about sports.), where Declan and Reece are currently residing.  Nimble Jack is having an absolute field day wreaking havoc everywhere he goes.  The thing about him is that he's entirely unpredictable.  You have no idea what he might do and he's capable of almost anything.  At one point he literally opens a woman's head and puts a pigeon inside it.  This is absolute insanity and it's so damn scary.

That fear creeps through every panel of Colder: Toss the Bones.  That uncertainty as to what's awaiting you as you turn the page is disturbing.  You don't know what Nimble Jack is going to get up to, but you know that it's going to be horrible.  There's a slimy quality to the character, like if he fell, he would just slide down the road, carried along by the grease in his hair.  He's playful yet intimidating.  He'll flutter around like a hummingbird, bouncing from one person to the next as his short attention span moves him along to spread mayhem.  He's what the Joker aspires to become.  

Nimble Jack is just one part of the terror packed within this comic.  There's a creature in the Hungry World that is the amalgamation of every nightmare you had as a child.  It appears suddenly and without warning and the strange thing is that it fits in with the setting.  It's like the unholy offspring of an angler fish and a xenomorph from Aliens, made of sinew and teeth.  That's just the first time you see it.  Wait until you see what's in its mouth.  

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As the issue continues, this feeling of foreboding starts to grow.  You just know that sooner or later Nimble Jack is going to come across Declan and Reece again.  All of these other victims are just the appetizers for the main course.  This poor couple has been through so much and they've managed to get through all this madness relatively unscathed.  Granted, Declan lost all his fingers, but that's a small price to pay if you still have your mind and each other, right?  

Colder: Toss the Bones is filled with the kind of horror that seeps into your skin, spreading to every fiber of your being until you're too frightened to turn the page.  You can't help yourself though.  You have to see what happens, even if that means going down the rabbit hole of insanity that is Nimble Jack and the Hungry World.  While this is the final chapter in the Colder trilogy, creators Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra are just getting started. Read this on the toilet because it may scare the crap out of you.


Story: fivestars Cover
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Art: fivestars
Overall: 5 Star Rating


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