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Cult Classic Creature Feature 5 Main

"Cult Classic: Creature Feature #5" Comic Review

Written by James Ferguson

Published by Vault Comics


Written by Eliot Rahal
Illustrated by John Bivens
Colored by Hannah Jerrie & Iris Monahan
Lettered by Taylor Esposito
2020, 32 Pages, $3.99
Comic released on February 26th, 2020


The town of Whisper is under siege as the slug offspring from a mysterious lake monster take over its residents and rip the skeletons out of their bodies. And you thought the coronavirus was scary. A few kids and a late night horror host are seemingly all that stand in the way of Whisper's destruction, so we're not feeling too optimistic about this outcome. Cult Classic: Creature Feature wraps up with this issue, not with a bang, but with a rather queasy feeling.

The action in Cult Classic: Creature Feature #5 is intense, which is fitting for a final chapter. The skeletons are a horde, descending upon anyone and everyone they see. You might think that a skeleton isn't too hard to fight. It's not even skin and bones; it's just bones. The same can be said of zombies, as they're just walking corpses, but if you get enough of them together, they can be overwhelming.

Artist John Bivens creates a suffocating feeling as these creatures overrun someone. You can practically feel their bony fingers clawing at your skin as you see dozens of them attack a single person, all the while their eyes stare out into space without a lick of emotion.

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Bivens' detail work in Cult Classic: Creature Feature is second to none. He really excels at the monster work, with the skeletons and the big bad in the lake. That thing is made of pure nightmare fuel. It's all teeth, eyeballs, and tentacles. This is like a Lovecraft wet dream. This creature is so large that it seems to curl and move around the panels themselves. The page cannot contain its size or its hunger for human flesh.

Colorists Hannah Jerrie & Iris Monahan create a slightly faded, almost sun-bleached look for the town of Whisper. It's like the life is being drained out of these people. In some cases that's literal. Did you hear the part about ripping out skeletons? This is especially true for Rip G. Graves, the horror host held up in his TV station. He has a sickly pallor to him as he's definitely seen some shit over the past few hours. Throughout it all, he's managed to keep his goofy little hat on too. That's admirable.

While the town might by dying, the lake monster is anything but. This creature pulses with otherworldly energy, making the water around it glow an eerie green just in case you needed another reason to be creeped out by this thing.

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The sounds the lake monster lets out add to its terrifying nature. Letterer Taylor Esposito weaves these through panels in such an intense fashion, you can practically feel its loud rumblings. I also love how Esposito uses a different, spookier font for Raves, like the character is always a showman. This is lost when shit really hits the fan, reverting back to a normal font like everyone else.

We had a tremendous amount of build-up for Cult Classic: Creature Feature filled with real characters and unsettling monsters. The ending feels a little abrupt and it's far from a nice and tidy happy one. Writer Eliot Rahal leaves us begging for more from this world and these characters, however I have to wonder what else the town of Whisper can endure after this. Cult Classic: Creature Feature is unsettling, otherworldly, and all kinds of scary. Most importantly, it's unpredictable and truly unique. There are no other horror comics like this one. It will keep you guessing until the very end.


Story: fourstars Cover
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Art: fivestars
Overall: 3 Star Rating

About The Author
James Ferguson
Lord of the Funny Books
James has a 2nd grade reading level and, as a result, only reads books with pictures. Horror is his 5th favorite genre right after romantic comedy and just before silent films. No one knows why he's here, but he won't leave.
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