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2016 06 22 Death Force 2

"Death Force #2" Comic Review

Written by Huck Raj Talwar

Published by Zenescope Entertainment

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Written by Joe Brusha
Illustrated by Marc Rosete
Colored by Walter Pereyra
2016, 32 Pages, $3.99
Comic released on June 22nd, 2016


Rick Murphy is a normal guy, starting a new family and police career in Philly. When he stumbles onto the scene of what was meant to be a private deal, he and his wife are killed. Murphy never imagined he would go to Hell when he died, but once there, he is given the chance to get revenge. Will his new power be too much to handle?

Brusha makes us sympathize with Murphy from the start of this issue. The poor guy wakes up in Hell, but what makes it sad is that he actually thought he’d be making his way up to Heaven after death. What a disappointment.

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Artist Marc Rosete makes Hell look absolutely terrifying. We’re talking sharp mountains, devilish creatures flying in the sky, fire and smoke all around, and lava surrounding Murphy as he wakes up. A freaking kraken of a beast pulls him down, where Creature from the Black Lagoon meets The Little Mermaid. We’re no longer upset that he lost his life, but we pity the torture that Murphy’s soul is going through now.

The rest of the issue goes by pretty quickly. Brusha definitely thickens the storyline, though, adding a new “intern” at the Mayor’s office. Not only are we following Murphy, we are also seeing the inner workings of the deal he walked in on. Politics, man.

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The remaining artwork resembles reality, but Rosete doesn’t make it too realistic. We see some blood spill and an eyeball pop out, but because it isn’t too accurate in terms of the biology and physics of it all, I wouldn’t say this issue is “gory.” A lot of background detail falls short, taking some of the eeriness away from the storyline. The line work and shadowing, on the other hand, is done really well, with a fine precision and the mysterious tone of the comic in mind (Walter Pereyra’s colors help convey this darkness, too).

This is an issue for anyone who is into the supernatural and slasher subgenres of horror. The concepts of Heaven, Hell, and murder are extremely prevalent in this series. There is nothing all too new or unique about this plot so far, but it is well executed and makes for a really entertaining story. Plus, we’re only at issue #2, so there is plenty more material to come.


Story: fourstars Cover
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Art: threestars
Overall: 3.5 Star Rating


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