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"DMC: Devil May Cry: The Chronicles of Vergil" Review

Written by John Colianni


Published by Titan Comics


Dmc Devil May Cry Chronicles Of Vergil Volume 01 01


Written by Izu
Illustrated by Patrick Pion
2013, 48 pages

Comic released on August 27th, 2013


You could say that I had your typical, American male childhood: hanging out with friends, playing kickball, riding my bike, and playing video games until my eyes were nearly bleeding. Fast forward to the present and you'll still find me firmly planted in front of my now high-definition TV, shooting teenage gamers directly in the face of their online avatar. One game I remember playing over and over again happened to be Devil May Cry. Created by Hideki Kamiya and released by Capcom in 2001, the dark fantasy game has birthed a number of sequels that have continued on to the current-generation gaming consoles. The story follows Dante, a demon slayer on a path to avenge the death of his mother. Clever, addicting gameplay, gorgeous graphics and an engaging story made Devil May Cry an instant cult classic that has even been re-released in full HD for new gamers to enjoy in all its splendor. Later additions of the series also introduced Dante's twin brother Vergil.

I recently had the pleasure of checking out DMC: Devil May Cry: The Chronicles of Vergil. Written by Izu and drawn by Partick Pion, Titan Comics brings us a story of Vergil, brother of the legendary demon slayer Dante, who has journeyed to find his sibling who has been taken away to Hellfire Prison. With the help of his new companion, Kat, a human psychic, the two will travel to the demon world and back to find the whereabouts of Dante. Illustrated in full color, fans of the original Devil May Cry will enjoy a return to the world of their favorite characters.

Taking place just a few months before the game DMC: Devil May Cry (not the original), The Chronicles of Vergil acts as a precursor to the events that players will unfold while they kick copious amounts of demon ass. While it's fun to be brought back into the world of one of my all-time favorite video games, there were a few things that fell below par for me. For starters, this is a single stand-alone comic that precedes the game that it is attempting to promote. While that may tickle the fancy of those who were dying to know how things were set up before they play DMC, it doesn't leave much for those who were hoping to get more insight into the setting and characters outside of the video game. When the comic ends, there is no continuation of the story the readers can have without buying the game granted they have the needed system or any interest in video games at all. My other gripe, while it is just a matter of perception, is that the story itself feels short and rushed. Events that take place in the comic feel choppy and, knowing that there is only one other issue that follows, this may leave little for those who are interested in reading something fresh. This is something they should have thought about before they chose to add the world "chronicles" into the title.

If you happen to be a die hard lover of the Devil May Cry series and remember devoting endless amounts of hours getting your ass handed to you be ridiculous demon-esque bosses and baddies, go ahead and pick of a copy of The Chronicles of Vergil. For those of you who were always interested in learning about the brothers Vergil and Dante and their origins, you may want to sit this one out until it's properly tackled for the more casual comic reader.


Story: 2.5 Stars Cover
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Art: 2.5 Stars
Overall: threestars

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