"Dracula Vs. Robin Hood Vs. Jekyll & Hyde #1" Comic Review


Written by James Ferguson


Published by Mohawk Media



Written by Chris Bunting
Illustrated by JL Czerniawski
2011, 20 Pages
Comic released on October 31st, 2011



Have you ever had one of those conversations like "Who would win in a fight?  Jason or Pinhead?"  Well, it seems the folks at Mohawk Media have had similar ones and they've aimed to bring out a series of comics featuring epic battles between historic literary characters.  The first such main event is Dracula Vs. Robin Hood Vs. Jekyll & Hyde.  These are three characters that have shared shelf space in the literature section of book stores around the world for years.  Now they're all going to fight.  

Writer Chris Bunting gives these characters a modern day refresher.  The story starts out in present day London as some army soldiers are disrupted by three vampire vixens as they're transporting some precious cargo.  Of course, these bloodsuckers work for Dracula and they're after what's in that truck: Dr. Jekyll.  As the good doctor isn't nearly as interesting or fun to read as his transformed counterpart, he quickly injects himself with a serum and hulks out to Mr. Hyde.  Round one begins when Dracula shows up on the scene.

This whole premise is both ridiculous and incredibly fun.  I've only read bits and pieces from the novels that these characters originated from, but what I've seen has been dry and boring.  Criticize me all you like, but I want a little action in my reading.  Maybe that's why I like comics so much.  This one delivers on the action and makes these tired old characters relevant again.

JL Czerniawski's art in Dracula Vs. Robin Hood Vs. Jekyll & Hyde is perfect for this type of story.  His style is akin to your average super hero book featuring big guys punching other big guys.  That works as there's a lot of that going around in this comic.  Seriously, there are at least three panels of characters flying through the air after being punched.  His design for Hyde is very Hulk-like which makes sense for the character, but it's tough to read this without making the comparison.  Czerniawski's work is not without its flaws though.  There are a handful of awkward shots and some of the faces just look weird, like he couldn't get the expression right.

Dracula Vs. Robin Hood Vs. Jekyll & Hyde is like a good version of some of those garbage creature features that Asylum pumps out.  This is a fun-filled battle between some of the most recognizable characters in literature.  The plot is rather thin, but that's not why you're here.  You want to read this book to see these characters beat the crap out of each other and that's what you'll get.







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