"Dracula Vs. Robin Hood Vs. Jekyll & Hyde #3" Comic Review


Written by James Ferguson


Published by Mohawk Media



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Written by Chris Bunting
Illustrated by JL Czerniawski
$1.95, 20 Pages



Cramming three legends of classic literature together in one comic and making them fight was not enough for author Chris Bunting.  Dracula, Robin Hood, and Jekyll & Hyde were just the beginning.  The third issue sees the introduction of Frankenstein's monster and Little John, not to mention Dracula's dad, Vlad the Impaler.  The book gets a little crowded as each one is vying for stage time.  

What's great about Dracula Vs. Robin Hood Vs. Jekyll & Hyde is that Bunting introduces several new spins on the mythos associated with each of these characters.  It's been a subject of some debate that Vlad the Impaler was the guy that originated the Dracula legend.  Here it's presented in a slightly different mindset with Vlad literally being the father of Dracula.  

Another new tidbit comes in when vampires feed on other vampires.  It's something that hasn't really popped up in most stories involving the creatures as they just don't eat each other.  That's what they have humans for.  Bunting takes the idea and runs with it, creating an entirely new and intriguing twist.  It's forbidden to feed on another vampire in this comic and there's a good reason for that.  

While I dug these new twists on the legends, the story and dialogue are starting to wear thin.  Bunting struggles to find a midpoint between humor and serious plot, and fails.  The comic tries desperately to be funny and there's no need to do so.  The first two issues stood on their own without these lackluster puns and lame tricks.  Seriously, a girl pulls out an "anti-vampire-spear-pistol" from the heel of her platform shoes.  What is this?  The Adam West Batman TV series?

Artist JL Czerniawski gets a few new toys to play with in this issue, such as Frankenstein's monster.  His depiction reminds me a bit of Bernie Wrightson's in Frankenstein Alive, Alive!, which is definitely a good thing.  I still really like the way that Czerniawski draws Hyde, which is a bit like Mr. Fix-It from the Hulk series.  It just works for the character and gives a much more fun way of looking at him than just a raving madman who happens to be really strong.  Some of the regular human characters look rather bland and featureless, like there should be more detail to them.

Dracula Vs. Robin Hood Vs. Jekyll & Hyde has gotten a bit complicated with the addition of these new characters, but I have hope that Bunting will reign this in a bit.  There's a good story here and it's a fun take on boring pieces of literature.  It's much better when you throw them into a comic book and make them fight.  They just need a bit of a reason to do it and they can't forget it three issues into the story arc.







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