"Dredd: Underbelly" Comic Review

Written by James Ferguson


Published by 2000 AD




Written by Arthur Wyatt
Illustrated by Henry Flint
2013, 36 Pages
Comic released on January 29th, 2014


While Dredd 3D didn't make a ton of money at the box office, fans and critics dug it.  There was even an online petition floating around in an effort to get a sequel made.  While that hasn't been picked up by Hollywood yet, 2000 AD has released a comic book sequel to the film entitled Dredd: Underbelly.  Originally published in Dredd Megazine #340 in the UK, it has since made its way here as a one-shot.

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A new drug called Psych has filled the gap left by Slo-Mo after the events of Dredd 3D.  This is somehow involved with a mutant trafficking ring that Dredd is investigating.  He's once again joined by telepath Judge Anderson to bring these punks to justice.  That's really all you need to know heading into Underbelly.  The rest of the issue is filled with the level of ass-kicking you would expect from the character.

Henry Flint illustrated Underbelly and totally nailed the character.  One look at Dredd with that big frown and huge chin and you completely understand where he's coming from.  He takes no shit from anyone.  All of this is conveyed when you first see the man on the page.  Flint also captures the level of despair that is contained within the walls of Mega-City One.  The mutants are trying to smuggle themselves inside because the alternative is far worse.  There's actually a line in the comic that says “Mega-City One eats hope alive.”  That's a perfect way to sum it up and Flint puts all that feeling into his depictions of the area.

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Underbelly is a satisfying continuation to Dredd 3D, but as it's only a one-shot comic, it's far too short.  That's not to say that the story is rushed.  It actually fits nicely within the page length.  I just wanted more because it's well done.  This is like a preview for what a new feature length film could be.  Hopefully this will be the comic gateway for fans of the movie who haven't explored the full history of the character (myself included).


Story: fourstars Cover
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Overall: threestars

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