DTOX No. 0 Comic Book Review


Written by James "Spez" Ferguson


Published by Asylum Press


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Written by Frank Forte
Art by Nenad Cucunja




If you've grown tired of comics about guys in tights and capes then look no further than DTOX from Asylum Press. Issue #0, written by Frank Forte, shows you what Detroit looks like after the world has been bombed to Kingdom Come, and it's even more terrifying than what Detroit looks like now. Mutants of all shapes and sizes prowl the streets, and they're not the ones you're used to like Cyclops and Wolverine. These are gruesome and disgusting beasts that are crawling with disease. They've lost all sense of morals and their only desire is food and sex. 

This issue features two humans. At least I think they're humans. KillVixen is a redhead with a mutant skull for a mask. She wears leather and wields several blades. Unfortunately she's overpowered by a group of mutants and DTOX comes in and saves her. DTOX is like Rambo if he was stranded at the end of the world.  He drives a giant tank that shoots acid and looks like a giant soldier of death. He makes quick work of the mutants and saves KillVixen. That's all of the story we get in this intro issue but the stage is set for a lot more. What happened to the world?  What's DTOX's background?  Who exactly is KillVixen? 

The story itself is interesting enough. The art by Nenad Cucunja is a throwback to the '90s art style seen outside of super hero books of the age. Instead we get something that looks like it came right out of the hey-day of MTV. Remember when they aired stuff like MTV Oddities with The Head?  That's what this book reminds me off. A very similar style with a slightly immature feel to it. 

#0 is presented as a magazine sized book, although the page count is much lower. While the amount of story pages are minimal, we get a lot of back matter in the form of concept art and notes on some of the characters, including a few that didn't make it into this issue. 

This issue sets the stage for a lot more to come in this post-apocalyptic world, especially with the characters that are featured in the concept art but not in the actual story yet. There are still many questions about DTOX and the world he lives in, but there's definitely enough interest to keep the book going.





Story: 3.5 Stars
Art: 3.5 Stars
Overall: 3.5 Stars



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