"Feeding Ground #1" Comic Review


Written by James "Spez" Ferguson


Published by Archaia Comics



Written by Swifty Lang
Illustrated by Michael Lapinski
2010, 48 Pages, $3.95
Comic released on November 17th, 2010



Some things in life are scary enough without adding any supernatural elements to it.  These are things like puberty, cancer, or running for your life as you cross the border into the United States.  Regardless of your feelings on illegal immigration, you have to admit that this can be a terrifying experience for anyone attempting that journey.  When you toss in werewolves, it amps up that terror exponentially.  This is the basis of Feeding Ground, the latest from Archaia Comics.

The book follows the Busqueda family as they deal with their day-to-day problems in their town that's been destroyed by famine.  Diego, the patriarch of the group, sets out as a "coyote" helping people get into the US. Meanwhile, his daughter Flaca encounters something fierce in the fields nearby.  She comes home covered in blood and dogs are growling and acting strange when they're close to her.  There's also something strange is lurking in the desert along Devil's Highway.

Michael Lapinski's art has the look of a washed-out photograph and it fits the tone of the story perfectly.  The colors in the desert are pale and faded which drives home the feeling that these people have no hope in their lives.  The town is all but finished and people are literally starving.  They have family and even that is tough to hold on to.  With the inks light on color, any time blood appears in a panel it jumps out at you.  This is like a better version of the Sin City movie where everything was in pseudo-black and white except for the blood.  Lapinski is also great at showing emotion in his characters.  You can see the desperation in their faces or the fear when something goes wrong on their way to the States.  

This first issue of Feeding Ground is like the start to a great horror TV show.  All of the primary characters are introduced and we're given just a taste of the strange creatures that await us.  You also have to give it up for Archaia for the way the book was released.  You can read it in English or Spanish.  To my knowledge there aren't a lot of comics released in the US that cater to a Spanish speaking audience.  If you want to check out this issue you can read it for free (yes, for free) on Graphic.ly in English or in Spanish.  You can also check out the preview images below.


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