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2017 05 26 Ghostbusters 101 3

"Ghostbusters 101 #3" Comic Review

Written by Angry Scholar

Published by IDW Publishing

Ghostbusters 101 3 00

Written by Erik Burnham
Illustrated by Dan Schoening
Colored by Luis Antonio Delgado
2017, 32 pages, $3.99
Comic released on May 24th, 2017


At last the Ghostbusters meet the, er, Ghostbusters. Issue #3 of IDW’s latest Ghostbusters arc has the Murray-et-al-inspired crew finally coming face to face with Holtzmann and company, and while not much has happened just yet, it still feels right. I’ve said it before, but if anyone can redeem the 2016 Ghostbusters film, it’s Burnham, Schoening and Delgado, and so far they have not disappointed.

Ghostbusters 101 3 01Ghostbusters 101 3 02Ghostbusters 101 3 03
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The original ‘Busters’ universe seems to be melding with the 2016 ‘Busters’ thanks to those meddling kids in the 101 class, and as you can imagine, hijinks ensue. Holtzmann and her girls catch the other ‘Busters’ on TV and head down to the firehouse to confront the guys. There they learn about the original ‘Busters’ universe-hopping misadventures, including Gozer and Tiamat and all the rest, and it’s all as ridiculous and fun as it sounds.

I still hate Kevin, though.

Ghostbusters 101 3 04Ghostbusters 101 3 05
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As ever, Burnham’s writing is spot-on, exactly capturing the je ne sais quoi of the major personalities and somehow rendering the mess of the 2016 film palatable. (I couldn’t resist.) Schoening likewise gives perfect cartoony form to Ray and Peter and Abby and everybody else, making them simultaneously more silly and more likable than they were in their live-action incarnations. (Except, again, for Kevin. Kevin.) Delgado’s amazing colors are not quite as evident here, as this issue is mostly about exposition, but everything still pops in the way I’ve come to expect from IDW’s ‘Busters.

It’s so goddamned silly, you guys. And I love it so much.


Story: Fivestars Ghostbusters 101 3 Cover
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Art: Fivestars
Overall: Fivestars

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Angry Scholar loves the supernatural, proprietary Scottish fabrics, video games, and frozen dairy treats. He has a blog where he obsesses over these things. Creaking old castles, lights over the moors, and ghostly faces in the shadows are his raison d'être. Because, you know. He has no life, but damn he looks good in tweed.
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