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2017 09 03 Ghostbusters 101 6

"Ghostbusters 101 #6" Comic Review

Written by Jeff Tolbert

Published by IDW Publishing

ghostbusters 101 6 00

Written by Erik Burnham
Illustrated by Dan Schoening
Colors by Luis Antonio Delgado and Anna Chher
2017, 32 pages, $3.99
Comic released on August 30th, 2017


The Ghostbusters 101 arc comes to a close in this issue, with the ‘Busters of both worlds enlisting the aid of a bunch of raw recruits to douse a large chunk of Manhattan in mood slime. The idea is that the ooze will neutralize the ley lines powering the dimensional rift, because ooze fixes everything.

The 101 storyline has been fairly simplistic, and the stakes haven’t been as high as previous arcs. There’s a big ghost, but it’s basically a non-presence, appearing at the end after doing essentially nothing for the whole story. There’s also the threat of multiversal destruction (or whatever), but it never seems like all that much of a threat. But that all makes a certain amount of sense, since the whole arc was primarily about introducing the 2016 ‘Busters to the mix.

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Burnham’s writing is spot-on, as always, and he gets extra points for a double-whammy X-Files/Twin Peaks reference in the dialogue. (I think I like the main continuity’s version of Holtzmann better than the 2016 version…) Schoening’s wonderfully expressive faces are on full display, as are Delgado’s amazing, celluloid-bright lighting effects. Schoening also gives us another very cool big bad, though again, it’s not around for very long.

Ghostbusters 101 was a lighthearted romp, and I enjoyed it immensely. With the 2016 ‘Busters about to get their own book, I only hope that the main team will be back again soon, too.


Story: 5 star rating Cover
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Art: 5 star rating
Overall: 3 Star Rating

About The Author
Jeff Tolbert
Staff Reviewer - USA
Jeff studies folklore for a living (no, really) and digs the supernatural. He loves a good haunting, and really strongly recommends that everyone stop what they're doing and go play Fatal Frame right now.
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