"Grimm Fairy Tales #55" Comic Review


Written by James "Spez" Ferguson


Published by Zenescope Entertainment



Written by Joe Brusha
Illustrated by Dafu Yu
2011, 24 pages

Comic released in February of 2011



Grimm Fairy Tales #55 starts right in the middle of some action.  Sela and Bolder are fighting for their lives against the Goblin Queen and her army.  They manage to subdue the beasts, but they are ultimately taken captive by the Queen.  Sela agrees to perform a few tasks for the Queen in exchange for their freedom.  Meanwhile, Gruel mourns his master at their camp. He's given a shadow dragon claw that would strip away whatever humanity he has left in exchange for ultimate power.  

If all this sounds confusing to you, that's OK.  It was confusing to me, too.  I jumped into the middle of a story arc for a book that's been running for several years.  I think Grimm Fairy Tales would greatly benefit from a brief recap of recent events on the first page where they have the credits displayed.  This would be really helpful for first time readers because, to paraphrase Stan Lee, every comic is someone's first comic.  

Dafu Yu's art made me forget that I didn't know exactly what was going on,  though.  His pencils are very clean and precise.  The colors by Studio Cirque complement Yu's work well, too.  The scenes involving Sela are bright and vibrant while the Goblin Queen's panels are dark without much color.  

Grimm Fairy Tales #55 is a quick read.  The story has a very fast pace and it makes me interested in more since I obviously have a lot of questions.  Who is Sela and where is she going?  Who sent her on this quest?  Who is Gruel?  What does the Goblin Queen want with Sela?  I hope to find out.


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