"Grimm Fairy Tales: The Dream Eater Saga Prologue" Comic Review


Written by James "Spez" Ferguson


Published by Zenescope Entertainment



Written by Raven Gregory
Illustrated by Anthony Spay
2011, 32 Pages, $1.99




If you're tired of the mega events from the big two comic publishers and are looking for a mega event from a smaller publisher, Zenescope has a story for you.  This month they're kicking off the Dream Eater Saga, a crossover spanning their Grimm Fairy Tales line that will cover the next few months for a total of 12 issues, plus the prologue.  This issue gives us a small taste of what's in store this summer.

In the realm of Myst, young Baba is up past her bedtime.  She makes her way to the library where she picks up the "Book of the Lost".  Before she can read much of it, her mother whisks her off to bed where she teases her with the story of the Dream Eater, a beast that would destroy everyone living in the four realms.  Suddenly the town is attacked by the Dark One and his evil forces.  Baba is hidden from sight, but she is forced to watch her mother die at the hands of this villain.  The Realm Council, protectors of the area, are hunting the Dark One, but leave Baba to her own devices. Because of their blind eye and the tragedy she just witnessed, Baba vows revenge against them all and begins her quest for power.

Anthony Spay's art has a slightly airbrushed feel to it but it works well with the fairy tale setting.  The soft colors imply a sense of safety, which makes the events of this issue startling when the Dark One strikes.

This is just the pre-cursor to the Dream Eater Saga, but I am intrigued about what will come.  As full disclosure, I haven't read much of the Grimm Fairy Tales series.  Fortunately, Zenescope included a handy guide that gives any new reader the rundown on who's who and what's what.  There are pictures and backgrounds on the realms, major characters, and the types of people throughout this universe.  While it can be boring to read what is akin to a textbook-like definition, it is incredibly helpful for first time readers.

The Dream Eater Saga Prologue is just the tip of the iceberg for the first major crossover event from Zenescope.  They've made this issue easily accessible for new and old fans alike and the low price tag makes this a purchase that won't hurt your wallet.  Do yourself a favor and try something new with this issue.


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