"Headspace #6" Comic Review

Written by James Ferguson


Published by Monkeybrain Comics




Written by Ryan K. Lindsay
Illustrated by Eric Zawadzki and Sebastian Piriz
2015, 24 Pages, $0.99
Comic released on February 11th, 2015


After practically making me weep like a little girl with a skinned knee with the ending of the last issue, Headspace returns with another chapter in the life of Shane, the sheriff of Carpenter Cove, perhaps the worst and most bizarre town in the universe. That's probably because it's literally in the mind of a killer named Max. He's come to terms with his existence among Max's memories, but he may not be ready for his entire reality to come crashing down.

Shane has been the one sane voice in this world. His rock solid sense of honor and responsibility makes it so that he can't kill anyone and he must always do what is right. That's why he's the law in this town. This unrelenting attitude is not faltered by the likes of a dog-headed robot bartender riding a flying alligator, nor does it flinch when Shane comes face-to-face with the man that murdered his son. You have to admire this about him. His code of ethics is something that Batman would envy.

While Shane is a rock, he's being challenged left and right in Carpenter Cove. The hits are coming fast and furious now. The second page of this issue features an absolute brutal and shocking piece of violence that surprises even Shane. It's something that you just can't expect either. Writer Ryan K. Lindsay keeps you guessing with Headspace. Normal rules don't apply to this comic because it's taking place inside someone's head. Anything goes, even that flying alligator.

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Aiding and amplifying Lindsay in this surrealism is artist Eric Zawadzki, who delivers a jaw-dropping single-page spread that answers some questions and creates a few new ones. It furthers the near hopeless situation that Shane finds himself in. I keep flipping back to this page and it's hard to turn away from. It's one of those horrifying images that can shake you to the core, especially as you're seeing it through Shane's eyes. To his credit, he doesn't slow down at all.

As with previous issues, Lindsay packs Headspace with pages of back matter, including another essay from Dan Hill, two pin-ups, and his own commentary. It's hard to believe that this comic is only $0.99 with the sheer amount of content included. This is the kind of comic that makes you feel smarter after reading it.

Headspace is a damn fine comic that will keep you on your toes. Lindsay sets a breakneck pace with the story and never lets up, taking sharp twists and turns. Here you have a beacon of sanity in Shane surrounded by an ocean of chaos with Max's mind. This is high caliber work that you are just not going to see anywhere else.


Story: fivestars Cover
Art: fourandahalfstars
Overall: 5 Star Rating

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