"Killogy #2" Comic Review


Written by James Ferguson


Published by IDW Publishing



Written and Illustrated by Alan Robert
2012, 32 Pages, $3.99
Comic released on December 19th, 2012



Alan Robert's Killogy continues!  Three convicts are stuck in a prison cell as zombies leer at them from the other side of the bars with hunger in their eyes.  Frank Vincent, Marky Ramone, and Brea Grant are deciding on their next move.  They're getting hungry and they have to figure out a way out of there.  While they're coming up with ideas, Marky discovers that Frank's nephew Santo is the reason he's in all this mess.  This leads us to the center of the issue with a flashback to Marky's recent past and how he ended up in jail.

Marky was in debt to the loan shark Santo "The Saint" for 18 grand.  His options were limited.  He could either do a job for Santo or learn how to use a wheelchair.  He opted to continue using the stairs and set out to steal a set of old baseballs from a local lawyer.  We're talking primo stuff, like the one in The Sandlot but without a big dog or James Earl Jones protecting it.  The guy comes home as Marky is in mid-heist and things get messy.  Let's just say that Marky's batting average improves drastically.

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The beauty of Killogy is how creator Alan Robert is seamlessly merging the stories of the three characters.  They're each very different, but their backgrounds intertwine very easily.  Frank Vincent is a mobster used to killing people while Marky Ramone is a deadbeat with a gambling problem.  The two don't cross paths until they reach the jail, but their lives were very close together.  It's like LOST but with a cohesive story and without all that disappointment.  The end of this issue leads into Brea Grant's tale which has a definite connection to others.

This issue also provides some insight into a possible cause for the zombie outbreak.  Marky finds some strange artifacts amongst the lawyer's collection that are pretty clear indications of the dead coming back to life.  I don't know whether it's a voodoo curse or a demonic summoning, but I'm eager to find out.

Robert has a talent for setting the tone of a scene very quickly with his artwork.  Very early on there's a shot of the three characters sitting next to each other on the cell bench.  You turn the page to reveal an awesome two-page spread with the same shot in the center, but the "camera" has pulled back to show a horde of zombie cops snarling at them from behind the bars.  There's a single word balloon on the page and the only other dialogue is the zombie noises.  Robert lets the image speak for itself.  It drops you instantly into the horrible situation that these convicts are in.  

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This isn't the last time that Robert uses the two-page spread to his benefit.  There are several throughout this issue that amplify the story.  Whether it's Marky swinging a blood-splattered baseball bat or Brea coming within arm's reach of the zombie cops, it's great to see the impressive artwork in such a large scale.

There's a nice change of layout when Frank shoots down Brea's plan for escape.  Half of the page has a red hue as he tears apart each step in the process, showing how it would only get them killed.  It's under the header of "Psycho-Chick's Magical Escape Plan."

Killogy continues to kick ass.  This issue filled in some of the gaps previously created but brought up more questions.  It really pulled me into the story and made me anxious to see more.







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